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If you re still here and haven t skipped ahead to 9, or put the book away entirely then I am assuming you are willing to go along with the program for this next part of our journey. It is important that I communicate two caveats: You will, at times, think that I m not giving you enough details about arrays. You will, at times, think that I m giving you too many details about arrays. In other words, please show the same awesome flexibility and patience that you have demonstrated up to this point in our give and take partnership. Trust me! Fair enough OK then let s get down to business.
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Type a label in the footer, such as Average List Price. Drag the List Price field from the Fields list on the right side of your page, as shown in figure 4.23.
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17 Build your own index
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Figure 6-12. Comparing the lists master_file_list and types_of_files_in_master_list In this script you use two separate lists to hold related filename and type data. Another option is to keep related values together by creating a single list of records, where each record holds both the name and type for one file. You ll look at records in the Working with Records section of this chapter. So what is unique_types_list responsible for doing The unique_types_list variable holds a list that will have a single item for each unique file type. Since the folder I chose contains files of four different types, the unique_types_list list will contain four items by the end. These three list variables collect their values in the first repeat loop (line 9 to line 17). Line 19 introduces a new list variable: list_of_file_lists. This list will have as many items as unique_types_list. Each of the items will be a list in itself, containing the names of the files whose file type is equal to the corresponding item in the unique_types_list variable. Figure 6-13 illustrates how the script is designed with corresponding lists.
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If you use AOL, click here and enter your AOL Screen Name and password.
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If ((Me.PropertyChangedEvent Is Nothing) _ = false) Then RaiseEvent PropertyChanged(Me, New PropertyChangedEventArgs(PropertyName)) End If End Sub
/// <summary> /// Entry point for MDI application. /// </summary> [STAThread] static void Main() { Application.Run(new ParentForm()); }
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Process(sqlservr)\% Processor Time The percentage of the CPU utilization consumed by SQL Server Memory\Available Bytes The amount of available RAM memory in bytes
Array of objects
Once you ve tested the report successfully, you can promote it to a managed report by deploying it to the Report Server. Building reports As a part of the testing process, you need to check whether the report can be generated successfully by building the report. Using the Report Designer, you can do this in two ways: Explicitly To build the whole project, use the Build menu or right-click on the project node in the Solution Explorer and choose Build. To build specific reports, you can select multiple reports by holding the Ctrl key and then build them by right-clicking on the report and selecting Build. Implicitly Switching to any of the preview modes or deploying the report causes the Report Designer to build the report automatically. Building a report doesn t result in a binary, as you would expect when working with .NET development projects. Instead, the build process simply verifies that the report is structured properly and that all field references and expressions are resolvable. If the Report Designer determines that a validation rule is broken, it reports an exception in the Task List. For example, if you misspell a field name, the Report Designer will complain with the following exception:
SOA and cloud computing
It s Still Programming
MockEmailService mockEmail = new MockEmailService(); LogAnalyzer2 log = new LogAnalyzer2(); //we use setters instead of //constructor parameters for easier coding log.Service = stubService log.Email=mockEmail; Using properties instead of constructor injection string tooShortFileName="abc.ext"; log.Analyze(tooShortFileName); Assert.AreEqual("a",mockEmail.To); Assert.AreEqual("fake exception",mockEmail.Body); Assert.AreEqual("subject",mockEmail.Subject); } } public class StubService:IWebService { public Exception ToThrow; public void LogError(string message) { if(ToThrow!=null) { throw ToThrow; } } } public class MockEmailService:IEmailService { public string To; public string Subject; public string Body; public void SendEmail(string to, string subject, string body) { To = to;
Figure 10-1 shows the current infrastructure of a fictional company named ACME. With the current design, it is impossible to get a global view of the status of the ACME infrastructure, as each region has configured its own management group.
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