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The MCMS Authoring Connector enables Word 2002 to be used as the authoring tool. In many cases where MCMS is supporting large-scale information exchange, Word is the overwhelming tool of choice among authors. The Authoring Connector provides content editing and publishing capabilities using the familiar Word UI. Development tasks include creating a template and a publishing task that is accessible and executed from within Word. Identically to Web Author, you create an Authoring Connector template and template file, and then associate them.
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You know that much of the persistence layer can be generated when using DataSets. This persistence layer contains classes to execute CRUD operations. And Visual Studio 2005 and .NET 2.0 come with more powerful classes called table adapters. Not only do these classes support primitive CRUD operations, but they re also extensible. You can either add methods calling stored procedures or generate SQL commands with few clicks. But if you want to implement anything more complex, you must hand code it; you ll see in the next section that some useful features aren t easy to implement, and the structure of a DataSet may make doing so even harder.
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In addition, the Boolean -not operator simply reverses True and False. This can be useful when you re dealing with a variable or a property that already contains True or False, and you want to test for the opposite condition. For example, if I wanted to test whether a process was not responding, I could do this (I m going to use $_ as a placeholder for a process object):
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CHAPTER 11: Isometric Tilemaps
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UNIX users: download Blogapps server and use GNU tar to uncompress and untar the demo into a directory on your computer. For example:
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_waveFormat.SamplesPerSec = _audioSampleRate; _waveFormat.Size = 0;
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Visual Studio and MCMS
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28 Practical auditing in SQL Server 2008
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Now you ll be able to Build and Run the project. By default, the iPhone Simulator will start up and the result should look like Figure 2 4.
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This listing creates a destination table named tblDest with the columns ColID, ColA, ColB, and ColC. Next, we ll load some test data into both tables for demonstration purposes, as shown in listing 3.
Starting with SQL Server 2005, the database engine started keeping track of indexes that the optimizer would have taken advantage of, if they existed. The missing index DMVs should be used only as a guide, and not as the final authority on how you should change your index structures. (As with other DMVs, the data does not persist between restarts. Also, be careful about relying on data for tables with indexes that have changed recently, as this can also clear out missing index information.) The function in listing 9 will return a slightly more useful output structure to help you determine which tables and indexes you should further investigate for fine tuning. This includes information about how long SQL Server has been up, when the last user seek or scan was for that specific query (because it may represent an ad hoc query outside of your normal workload), and the CREATE INDEX DDL if you wanted to follow through with the
Conversions of Structs (Value Types)
<remote:ConditionalGroupBox.Template> <ControlTemplate TargetType="remote:ConditionalGroupBox"> </ControlTemplate> </remote:ConditionalGroupBox.Template>
Next the nondefault properties are set for each control. This section is quite long, so the following code is only an excerpt of this portion of the file:
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