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CHAPTER 12: Exceptions, Signals, Errors, and Debugging
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Touch the iPod icon and, as Figure 13 1 shows, you ll see five soft keys across the bottom: Playlists lets you see synced playlists from your computer, as well as playlists created on the iPhone. Artists lets you see an alphabetical list of artists (searchable like your Address Book). Songs lets you see an alphabetical list of songs (also searchable). Videos lets you see a list of videos (also searchable). More lets you see audiobooks, compilations, composers, genres, iTunes U, and podcasts.
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Now, it s time for more of those Big Words and Big Ideas that you often find in object-oriented programming you know, the ones that sound more complicated than they actually are. Cocoa classes often use a technique that involves a delegate, which is an object asked by another object to do some of its work. For example, the AppKit class NSApplication asks its delegate if it should open an Untitled window when the application launches. NSWindow objects ask their delegates if they should allow a window to be closed. Most often, you will be the one writing the delegate object and giving it to some other object, typically something provided by Cocoa. By implementing specific methods, you can exert control over how the Cocoa object behaves.
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of three developers: A, B, and C. Developer A will work on the front-end of the compiler: the lexical and syntax analyzer and the parser. Developers B and C will implement the back-end of the compiler: developer B writes the code generator, and developer C implements the code optimizer. The project uses shared files (io.c and io.h) that contain common I/O operations. Scenario 1: The group members decide to use RCS for the project (configured for strict locking, its default behavior). Work progresses as follows:
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The dialog box you ll create will be fairly simple, housing three text fields, a check box, a pop-up menu, a slider, and a few buttons. You ll also add some text labels so users know what to put in each text field. These labels are for information only and don t serve any programming-related purpose. The purpose of the dialog box you re creating will be to collect the user s information, but you re welcome to experiment with any other fields, labels, and UI elements. Set up your panel the way I did, as shown in Figure 13-8. Just drag each of the desired text fields, buttons, and other UI elements from the Palettes panel to your own window. You ll find all the controls you need under the second and third tabs of the Palettes panel. You can resize the text fields by dragging the small dots that appear at their corners while they re selected.
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Given the number of alternative choices, it might seem easy to dismiss Xcode Developer Tools (which you ll often see referred to as just Xcode Tools) and Cocoa frameworks as a choice for developing software for the Mac. It is fair to say, too, that historically Xcode and its antecedent products have not been very accessible to the new developer. The first sight of the Xcode project interface can be daunting, Objective-C has a quirky syntax, the separation of design imposed by the MVC pattern is a conceptual leap too far for many, and the documentation, though comprehensive, has historically not been aimed at the learner. The need to come to grips with all of these new concepts was the main thing that prevented me from learning to develop using Cocoa and Xcode. And that is a shame, because once you get past these initial barriers, a major benefit of Apple s tools and technologies is their ease of use. Really. That observation was the driving force for this book many would-be developers have no doubt been put off developing using Xcode because of the multiple learning curves that need to be negotiated simultaneously. My
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float myArray[ 3 ][ 5 ][ 10 ];
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Get-Service -computerName (Get-Content c:\names.txt)
Listing 21.3 Breaking the function into two parts
As you can see, the report displays a hierarchical document map on the left side listing territories and stores alphabetically. The user doesn t have to page through the report to find a particular store. Instead, he can expand the document map and locate the store quickly. Implementing document maps Authoring the actual report is nothing we haven t seen so far. We used three regions, one table and two list regions, to group the data by country, store, and quarter. The table region (tblStoreSales) is nested inside the store list (lstStore), which in turn is nested inside the territory list (lstTerritory). Now comes the fun part. You may think that implementing a document map might require creating new datasets and expressions. Actually, it really can t be simpler. The only thing that we had to do was to associate the Label property of the lstTerritory and lstStore groups to the corresponding document map label, as shown in figure 5.20. To achieve the two-level hierarchy of territory and store, for the Territory list we set the document map label to Fields!Territory.Value, while for the Store list we set it to the Fields!Store.Value. That s all there is to it! RS does the heavy lifting to parse the data recursively and generate the document map when the report is processed.
iE:\LogShipFolder\scripts\SQL\" oE:\LogShipFolder\scripts\SQL\" errors
Only certain types of variables can be volatile. Only class fields can be marked as volatile. Since a local variable is usually accessed by a single thread this is not too restrictive. The code for this module is available from the publisher s web site. An alternative solution is presented that uses Monitor.Wait and Pulse instead of the volatile field. The code is simpler and easier to understand. Additionally, the listening threads notice the change in the variable more quickly than they do in the volatile version. Simple is generally good. Simple things are easy to understand and therefore easier to maintain. 7.5.2 COM+-based synchronization COM+ is a set of runtime services, easily accessed via .NET, that facilitates developing enterprise applications. One of the services COM+ supplies is synchronization. COM+ uses the concept of a context as its means of synchronizing access to objects. To set the Synchronization attribute the class must be derived from the ContextBoundObject class, or a class derived from ContextBoundObject.
Still in MainPage.xaml, locate the LinksBorder where you previously added the Customer menu item. Right under the CustomerDetailLink, add the following XAML:
That s not the end of the story for extension modules. In section 7.4, you ll learn how to generate newsfeeds that use the Dublin Core and Content Modules and in section 7.5, you ll learn how to create and use your own extension modules in ROME. Now that we ve mastered parsing to the SyndFeed model, let s move on to the RSS WireFeed model.
Right-click on the Database Audit Specifications node and choose New Database Audit Specification, as shown in figure 11.
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