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Data Roaming $24.99 for 20MB / month $59.99 for 50MB / month More plans available. Voice Roaming $5.99 / month Text Messaging $10 / month
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The NavigationService class provides five methods used for navigating away from this page, reloading the current page, and stopping asynchronous navigation actions. Table 15.2 provides detail on each function.
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Customizing create, retrieve, update, and delete commands
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Figure 8.5 UDDI security credentials
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Objecting to Properties
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If you saved either listing 21.5 or 21.6 as a module and imported it, take a look at the shell s FUNCTION: drive by running dir function:. You ll notice that your worker functions show up, which isn t what you want. Ideally, users should only see the public function, and the worker function should be hidden. There s an easy way to achieve that: by default, importing a module makes every function inside of it available to users. But if the module includes specific instructions for what should be visible, then only those things will be. Listing 21.7 is a revision of listing 21.6, and you ll see where I added a few specific instructions.
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A number of parameters are normally set using the Plot dialog box shown in Figure 15-4. AutoCAD provides a means to control these settings programmatically. In this section I cover the options that are most commonly modified.
// access local private Poker.Hand queue... q.Path = @".\Private$\PokerHandQueue"; // access public Poker.Hand queue on myMachine... q.Path = @"myMachine\PokerHandQueue";
The prolog can also include an encoding specifier. The encoding is generally ISO8859-1, UTF-8, WINDOWS-1252, or UTF-16. If specified, the encoding must match the character encoding used in the source XML data. For instance, if your source XML is Unicode (nvarchar in SQL) data, you can t use an 8-bit character encoding such as ISO-8859-1. The sample prolog in listing 4 includes both a version and a 16-bit encoding specifier.
How to serve newsfeeds
Figure 2-21. The Role table is transformed into the Region entity class after you drag and drop the table from Server Explorer.
TrackId BandId
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String Variant Variant
Using the Concatenation Operator
This approach to creating the stack is usable only when you re using the low-level HttpWebRequest class. That s helpful, but what if you want it to automatically be used by any WebRequest-derived classes
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