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Note To run the DCA, you must have database owner (DBO) privileges. If you are using SQL Server authentication, the SQL Server account you are using must be configured with DBO privileges.
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Each control is created as a private member of the class. The organization used by Visual Studio can be a bit confusing, so I have used the power of cut and paste to rearrange these code excerpts to be a bit more logical. If you recall, the components member is required by Visual Studio to manage certain controls on the form.
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This code is quite straightforward. No, really it s just that FixedDocuments are very hierarchical, so we have to create a number of nested objects to hold our content (figure 18.6). The first thing we have to do is create a FixedDocument b. We re setting its size based on the printable area of the printer c. If we want margins, though, we ll have to make sure that we place our content appropriately (that is, inside the margin). The next thing we create is a PageContent object d. The FixedDocument holds a collection of PageContent objects, with each one representing a page. Each PageContent object has a FixedPage object, which will eventually hold the content. The FixedPage primarily deals with breaking the page; it s one of those details that you have to have, but generally don t have to worry too much about. Now, we have to create the content for our page. This is where the nature of WPF stands us in good stead we can put just about any WPF content here. We could put in a Grid layout, or a Dock layout, or some custom layout, and then use that layout to automatically format for us. But, because we re interested, at the moment, in demonstrating fine control, we ll use a Canvas layout e so that we can precisely position our content. To start with, our content is a TextBlock f and an Ellipse g, which is somewhat silly. But, we ll put in some more meaningful content in the near future.
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Figure 12. Navigate around your music and video player.
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The TableStyles property in the DataGrid class supports this notion of configuring the appearance of multiple tables. This property contains a collection of DataGridTableStyle objects, each of which describes the configuration for a table that might be displayed by the grid. The DataGridTableStyle class, in turn, provides a GridColumnStyles property that contains a collection of DataGridColumnStyle objects. We will discuss each of these classes separately. 17.2.1 CUSTOMIZING TABLE STYLES The DataGridTableStyle class permits a custom style for a specific type of table to be defined. Many of the members of this class are duplicates of similar members in the DataGrid class. The members of the active table style always override the default settings for the data grid. A summary of this class appears in .NET Table 17.2.
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736 Apple Macintosh 208 Application 52 ResourceDictionary 676 application dependencies 55 initialization 52 Application class loading embedded resources 680 Application object 52 55, 102 Application_Startup 52 Application_UnhandledException 53 Application.Current.InstallState property 102 ApplicationName property 464 applications Ajax 383 business logic 503 506 connecting to others 377 380 creating elevated trust 110 113 creating out-of-browser 101 110 dependencies 55 manifest files 51 52 navigation application 386 security 340 signed 111 startup process 48 50 themes 390 unsigned 111 ApplicationStrings class 465 ApplicationUnhandledExceptionEventArgs 53 ApplyTemplate method 237 AppManifest.xaml 50, 55 AppManifest.xml out-of-browser 101 102 architecture WCF RIA Services 461 ArcSegment class 523 Arial font 208 arrange pass 156 step 706 Arrange method 156 ArrangeOverride function 156 arranging content 173 175, 178 180 Arrow cursor 140 ASMX web service 348 ASP.NET 249, 264, 677 authentication and authorization 506 510
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You might have noticed that the keys property didn t return the keys in alphabetical order. This is because of the way hashtables work; i.e., keys are randomly distributed in the table to speed up access. If you do need to get the values in alphabetical order, here s how you can do it: barcode font code39
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Isolation (mock object) frameworks
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UNIX and Mac OS X command mappings
NOTE: The makers of this app, ComiXology, also make the Comics app that contains the Marvel comics, as well as a bunch of others, including Archie, Image, and Top Cow.
NSArray, NSMutableArray
Listing 2.15 The AL compiler
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