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Note String.replace() and other wrapper methods for strings were covered in 2.
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10. After the backup and sync, your iPhone screen will go black. Then the Apple logo will appear, and you will see a status bar under the logo. Finally, a small pop-up window will appear in iTunes to tell you the update process is complete. Click OK to be brought to the Set Up your iPhone screen. a. If you want to keep your iPhone clean (i.e., without any of your personal data), then select the top option, Setup as a new iPhone. You might want to use this option if you are setting up this iPhone for someone else (you will need their Apple ID and password). If you are giving away or selling your iPhone, simply click the Eject icon next to the iPhone, and you re done (Figure 29-16).
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As with performance tuning where there will always be a bottleneck somewhere, each high-availability plan typically has its own weak points. On its own, database mirroring won t protect against poor maintenance practices and corrupted backups; it should therefore be seen as one component of a much broader high-availability plan.
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Note Other factors, such as whether the object s layer is frozen or turned off, can override this property.
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CHAPTER 6: Sprites In-Depth
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Nina explains that content syndication or, more simply, making web content available to other web sites and applications is the classic newsfeed use case. That s the use case that makes thousands upon thousands of news sources available to Carl for his market research. Carl also takes advantage of web search results in newsfeed form. Nina explains that many of the software applications they use in-house are starting to provide newsfeeds. For example, the development team uses the JIRA issue tracker, which provides newsfeeds of newly added bugs, newly resolved bugs, and user-defined queries against the issue database. Wikis also provide newsfeeds to inform users of each change made. To explain the file distribution use case, Nina tells the group about podcast newsfeeds, special newsfeeds that can contain binary file attachments, such as audio files. Nina says, I use this software called iPodder to subscribe to podcast newsfeeds. Whenever a new audio file appears on one of my subscriptions, iPodder downloads it and transfers it to my iPod, so I always have interesting things to listen to during my early morning run. The group starts talking about podcasts, iPods, and other MP3 players until Otto realizes that they ve run out of time. Otto calls an end to the meeting and read datamatrix
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Usage scenarios
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data types 180 181 objects 59 Server 2003 Driver Development Kit (DDK) 160 servers applications 95 97, 102, 110, 115 116, 130 controls 45 managers 68 69 roles 70 71 types of 2 versions of 10 11 web 69 72 Server Certificate 220, 226 Server Process Shutdown 132 server-gated cryptography 90 server-side codes 36 loading user controls on 59, 61 62 PostBack and 39 traditional coding and 41 validation of 47 Service Control Status 124 service element 204 Service Name 143 ServicedComponent 108, 114, 145 sessions cookie storage with 231 objects of 46 state 54 56 variables of 233 sessionState 55 SetAbort 114, 258 SetAuthCookie 237 SetComplete 114, 258 SetFocus 36 38, 40 set-top boxes 15 Setup Editors 277 setup package 131 Setup Project 274 275, 277, 282 283 setup project configuration 282 Setup Wizard 274 275
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