Advanced query techniques in C#

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Figure 20-15. The responder chain The responder chain processes action messages, which are Objective-C messages of the form -(IBAction)action:(id)sender, by examining each object in the chain to determine if it responds to (implements) the given message. If it does, the object receives the message. If not, the process examines
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Each of these methods takes a single argument. setFillColor: takes a color for its argument. Circles use this color when they draw themselves. setBounds: takes a rectangle. Circles use this rectangle to define their bounds.
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Cloud 9: the future of the cloud
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PS (15) > $log Max(K) Retain OverflowAction ------ ------ -------------128 0 OverwriteAsNeeded Entries Name ------- ---8 PowerShell
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Mutable properties must implement at least one of the following: -(void)removePropertyObject:(Class*)object -(void)removeProperty:(NSSet*)objects For improved performance, a mutable property may optionally implement -(void)intersectProperty:(NSSet*)set
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Figure 7.2 You can launch the Report Builder application from the Report Manager.
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The . (dot), / (slash), and ~ (tilde) characters have a special meaning when naming Unix and Mac OS X files. The . refers to the current directory; the / is a directory separator, and the ~ specifies your home directory. The sequence of characters including directories, slash, dot, tilde characters, and the actual file name lead the compiler to your file. Together, this sequence is known as a path. A slash at the beginning of a path tells the compiler to start at the top, or root level, of your hard drive. Without a slash, the search starts in the current directory. Typically, the current directory is the directory containing your application.
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This code is pretty similar to the old version. The big difference is that we call our copy method b and then set a few properties on the copy c, including the margin and the column width. By setting the column width to Not a Number , we re saying that we want the column to take up all available space. Everything else is the same except that we re printing our copy instead of the original. Figure 18.4 shows our page with the nicer formatting.
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and wikis with our existing software and business processes. Nina turns to her laptop, starts her presentation software, and shows the attendees her first slide. It s a diagram with blog and wiki inputs on the left and blog and wiki outputs on the right (figure 1.5). This slide shows some of the software and devices that already work with blogs and wikis today. Nina explains the input side first. Most people will use a web browser to post and edit blog entries and wiki pages. But web services protocols make it possible to blog via specialized blog clients, like Carl s MarsEdit blog editor, mobile-phone blogging, or moblogging software, or even via email. We can use those protocols too. In fact, just the other week, Rangu used them to enable our build script to post build announcements to a blog. Next, Nina explains the output side. Most people start off using a web browser to read blogs but eventually switch to a newsfeed reader once they understand the benefits. And as we learned last week, an iPod lets users listen to an audio blog, thanks to the magic of podcasting. Once Nina wraps up her discussion of blog and wiki server inputs and outputs, Rangu takes over to explain their plan. What we d like to do is seed a network of blogs and wikis. Rangu uses Nina s laptop to advance to the next slide of the presentation (figure 1.6).
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- (IBAction) uppercase: (id) sender { NSString *original; original = [textField stringValue]; NSString *uppercase; uppercase = [original uppercaseString]; [resultsField setStringValue: uppercase]; } // uppercase
PS (1) > $wc = New-Object net.webclient
The and operator takes two Boolean operands and returns true only if both operands are true. If either operand is false, it returns false. Here are some examples of the and operator in action: true and true --> true true and false --> false false and true --> false false and false --> false
Listing 11 contains a query that lists the count of orders by CustomerID. The query includes the order date in the GROUP BY clause so that the results do not make sense. Figure 7 shows that there are multiple rows for each CustomerID value.
PS (3) > $a.length 3 PS (4) > $a[0] 1
#if defined(APP_STORE_FINAL)
<Table(Name:="Person")> _ Partial Public Class Person Private _ID As Integer <Column(DBType:="Int NOT NULL IDENTITY", Id:=true, AutoGen:=true)> _ Public Property ID() As Integer Get Return Me._ID End Get Set Me._ID = value End Set End Property
The upcoming version of Visual Studio Team System will support a new kind of test a UI test. You ll be able to record actions on UI windows and play them back and verify assertions during test runs. As with all Team System tools, its main advantage will be its integration with other Team System tools, reports, source control, and servers. You can learn more about Team System at en-us/teamsystem/default.aspx.
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