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Ah, isn t that better To format things for this book, each operation creation takes two lines, but if you re editing in a window that s just a little bit wider, each of those will fit nicely on a single line.
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Figure 16.1 Our single document interface displays one photo album at a time.
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7. set file_type to file type 8. set color_space to color space 9. set bit_depth to bit depth 10. set res to resolution 11. close 12. end tell 13. end tell 14. on error error_text 15. display dialog "The file you picked couldn't be analyzed for some reason." buttons {"OK"} default button 1 with icon stop 16. return 17. end try 18. set image_information to "Image information: File type: " & file_type & " Width: " & the_width & ", height: " & the_height & " Resolution: " & res & " Color space: " & color_space & " Bit depth: " & bit_depth 19. tell application "Finder" 20. set comment of image_file to image_information 21. end tell Note that the value used with the of type parameter in line 1 will work in only Mac OS 10.4 or newer. The main parts to notice in the preceding script is that the open command returns a reference to an image element representing the newly opened file. You then get information about that image file by referring to the image object s properties. If an error occurs for example, because the chosen file wasn t of a type Image Events understands the surrounding try block informs the user there s a problem and stops the script.
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The SolidColorBrush is without a doubt the most rudimentary of the Brush options. A SolidColorBrush uses a single, solid color to paint an area. Listing 18.14 shows a basic circle using a SolidColorBrush.
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CHAPTER 9: Viewing Videos, TV Shows, & More
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Implementing layered applications Solving issues when setting up .NET applications using NHibernate Achieving design goals Solving debugging and performance problems Using integrating services like audit logging
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Next, insert the code for the deal() and draw() methods. Remember to insert member variables for the poker machine and the hands. Since we won t support betting, you can use the SimpleMachine version of the poker machine:
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<query name="FindItemsByDescription"><![CDATA[ from Item item where item.Description like :description ]]></query>
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using System; class Person { string firstName, lastName; int age; public Person(string firstName, string lastName, int age) { this.firstName = firstName; this.lastName = lastName;
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Using #if and #endif with conditional compilation
Product.cs 401 profile store 485 Properties dialog code tab 188 Property Collection 255 pseudo events 332 publisher 422 Publisher role 264, 321 pushing reports 421 Put() WMI method 299 Q QA testing 44 query hints, using to prevent locks
Some practical issues in table partitioning
Similar to downloading Facebook, start up the App Store on your iPad. Type LinkedIn in the search window and locate the app. It is free, so tap the FREE button to install it.
Data controls: DataGrid and DataForm
Note The Nullable type specifies that a variable of that type can contain Nothing values. This feature was added to .NET 2.0 to provide greater compatibility with NULLABLE columns in database tables.
Settings Property (Name) MaxDropDown Sorted Text Value cmbxPhotographer 4 True photographer protected override void ResetSettings() { // Initialize the ComboBox settings if (cmbxPhotographer.Items.Count == 0) { // Create the list of photographers cmbxPhotographer.BeginUpdate(); cmbxPhotographer.Items.Clear(); cmbxPhotographer.Items. Add("unknown"); foreach (Photograph ph in _album) { if (ph.Photographer != null && !cmbxPhotographer.Items. Contains(ph.Photographer)) { cmbxPhotographer.Items. Add(ph.Photographer); } } cmbxPhotographer.EndUpdate(); }
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