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LINQ allows you to access information by writing queries against various data
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Castle is a large open source project that covers a lot of areas. Windsor is one of those areas, and it provides a mature and powerful implementation of a DI container. Castle Windsor contains most of the features you ll ever want in a container and more, but it has a relatively high learning curve due to all the features. You can learn about Castle Windsor at www.castleproject.org/container/ and download the Castle project at www.castleproject.org.
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Public Methods GetType ToString
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Understanding the ApplicationRegistry namespace
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backup compression 452 453, 461 native backup compression 453 BACKUP DATABASE 384, 436 backup database 331 332, 338 backup device 339 backup drives 451 backup file name 356 backup files 451, 453 removal 331 backup history 331 Backup object 355 backup routine 451 backup script 465 backup strategy 356 backup type 338 BackupDeviceItem 358 BackupDevices 350 BackupDirectory property 355 backups 322, 326 327, 330, 355 356, 432, 450 451, 461, 518 backup files 355 backup sizes 432 backup time 432 compressing 432 disaster recovery testing 358 eliminating index data 432, 447 energy consumption 432 energy-efficient 432 filegroup backups 432 frequency 467 full backup 453, 454 full database backups 433, 435 restoration 433, 447 restore 357 routine backups 432 BackupSetDescription property 355 BackupSetName property 355 bad indexes 601 base tables 213, 242, 424, 681 baseline value 679
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The pageComponentFactory constructor B takes four arguments. The first is the id of the Web Part component and the second is the class that was registered. The last two parameters are the name and location of the JavaScript file where the page component is registered. The object contains one local method called add C, which instantiates the page component if there isn t already a page component with the specific id created. Then it adds the page component to the SharePoint Ribbon Page Manager. The JavaScripts in SharePoint contain a set of functions called Script On Demand (SOD). These functions allow you to register JavaScript files as they re loaded and notify registered functions to execute when they re loaded. The second method of the page component factory is the register D function. The register function is the first method called; it will register the JavaScript file using the SP.SOD.registerSod function and then connect the page component class and method to it using the SP.SOD.executeFunc function. Once the JavaScript file is loaded by SharePoint, it will execute the function specified in the last parameter, in this case the add function.
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As you can see, all three actions should result in the selection of a node in the tree. This will cause the AfterSelect event to occur, which will invoke our treeViewMain_AfterSelect event handler. This handler will, in turn, cause the proper set of items to appear in the ListView control, as described in the previous table. As a result, we simply need to modify the behavior for these three actions to select the proper tree node, and our existing code will do the rest. We will begin with our Albums menu item. NODE SELECTION 509
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A P P E N D I X B: A D M I N E X A M P L E S
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Tap here to turn on Airplane Mode.
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Microsoft.Office.Server.Search Microsoft.Office.Server.Search.WebControls.TopFederatedResultsWebPart
The top of the food chain in the Finder s inheritance structure is a superclass called item. The item class describes the basic features found in every class of file system object you ll meet in Finder scripting: disk, folder, application file, document file, and so on. Figure 15-3 illustrates how Finder s file system related classes inherit properties, elements, and behaviors from one another. For example, if you follow the arrows on the diagram, you can see that the alias file class inherits many of its attributes from the file class, which in turn inherits many of its attributes from the item class.
You ll notice that MY_LOG compiles to nothing when APP_STORE_FINAL is defined. This is done because it s unlikely that you would declare a variable just for the sake of logging, so the odds of this generating a warning are slim. If it does cause a problem, you can use a technique similar to the assert macro to fix the errors.
Requesting reports Requesting a report using the WebService behavior resembles the asynchronous report generation pattern that we discussed in chapter 9. Listing 11.2 shows the implementation details.
With the Messages app, iPhone users have the tools to send and receive MMS including picture messages and video messages. MMS messages appear right in the messaging window like your SMS text messages. NOTE: You can send images, videos, location (from maps), audio (from Voice Memo), and vCard (from Contacts) all via the MMS app.
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