Retrieving objects efficiently in C#

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This sequence will call the methods in the following code one after another. The sender parameter will always be derived from CCNode; it s the node that s running the actions. The data parameter can be used in any way you want, including passing values, structs, or other pointers. You only have to properly cast the data pointer.
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the case, the Windows service picks up the job, generates the report, and delivers it to the end users through a delivery extension. Out of the box, RS comes with two delivery extensions: the e-mail delivery extension and the file share delivery extension. The e-mail delivery extension delivers the report via e-mail. The report can be delivered to either subscribed users (opt-in subscription) or to a data-driven list of recipients. The file share extension delivers reports to a network share. When these two options are not enough, you can write custom delivery extensions. Note that the Report Server Windows service doesn t communicate with the Report Server through the HTTP Handler or Web service fa ades. Instead, because it is installed on the same machine as the Report Server, the Windows service directly loads and calls the Report Server assemblies. This is beneficial for two reasons. The first relates to availability. Even if the IIS server is down, the Windows service will still execute scheduled tasks and deliver reports to subscribers. The other reason is better performance the web fa ades are completely bypassed. Another task that the Report Services Windows service is responsible for is performing background database integrity checks, as well as other administrative tasks. Before we see RS in action, it may be beneficial to get a good high-level understanding of the report lifecycle. This is important because the remaining chapters of this book follow an identical flow.
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you have a combination of data and methods you need to use in many different places. Audio is a good example of this, because any of your classes whether the player, an enemy, a menu button, or a cutscene might want to play a sound effect or change the background music. So it makes a lot of sense to use a singleton for playing audio. Likewise, if you have global game stats, perhaps the size of the player s army and each platoon s number of troops, you might want to store that information in a singleton so you can carry it over from one level to another. Implementing a singleton is straightforward, as Listing 3 1 shows. This code implements the class MyManager as a singleton with minimal code. The sharedManager static method grants access to the single instance of MyManager. If the instance doesn t exist, a MyManager instance will be allocated and initialized; otherwise, the existing instance is returned.
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The Detail view gives you an expansion of the currently selected group (or groups you can select more than one and their contents will be displayed in the Detail view). This view is designed to give you detailed information at a glance across a collection of files. The columns display (where relevant) information such as an icon for the file type, the build status of the file, errors and warnings, version control status, and so on. You can configure this to your taste by right-clicking on the title bar in this view and setting the list as you want it (the popup list is shown in Figure 2 5).
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FILE *fopen( const char *name, const char *mode );
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myInt = 5 * 3 + 7;
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In this case we increase the counter when Enter is called and decrease it when Exit is called. If the resulting value is greater than zero, it indicates that Enter was called more than Exit. This means that a lock on the object is still in force.
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In Caller Inform, additional information is returned for the user. The caught exception is wrapped in an exception that has additional information. For example: using System; public class Summer { int sum = 0; int count = 0; float average; public void DoAverage() { try { average = sum / count; } catch (DivideByZeroException e) { // wrap exception in another one, // adding additional context. throw (new DivideByZeroException( "Count is zero in DoAverage()", e)); } } } public class Test { public static void Main() { Summer summer = new Summer(); try { summer.DoAverage(); } catch (Exception e) { Console.WriteLine("Exception: {0}", e); } } }
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Enter computer name: nothing DEBUG: $name contains nothing Test-Connection : Testing connection to computer 'nothing' failed: Th e requested name is valid, but no data of the requested type was foun d At C:\demo.ps1:6 char:20
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ClearType is an excellent text rendering algorithm, but it s not something you want to be calling thousands of times because it s a complex algorithm with performance implications. In addition, there are other visual optimizations applied to text that would be unnecessary if the text were animated. Silverlight offers the TextOptions.TextHintingMode attached property to control how hard Silverlight tries to make the text look great. When set to Fixed, it uses the quality ClearType rendering and performs the calculations that make static text look great. When set to Animated, it optimizes for text that s going to change size, rotation, or angle, probably multiple times per second. Listing 9.1 shows the setting in action.
We start our calculator script by loading the forms B library. Next we ll set up some variables and functions C that we ll use later in the script. The clr function will be used for setting the calculator back to zero. The variable $op is used for holding the pending operation. This is the operation that the user has clicked, but it won t be executed until = or another operation is selected. The basic logic for handling a number key click D is the same, so we ll build a common scriptblock for it. This scriptblock will incrementally append numbers to the display, resetting it when appropriate.
Server NSConnection *connection = [NSConnection defaultConnection]; [connection setRootObject:[Server new]]; if ([connection registerName:@"Server"]) [[NSRunLoop currentRunLoop] run]; Client NSConnection *connection = [NSConnection connectionWithRegisteredName:@"Server" host:nil]; id server = [connection rootProxy]; [server doSomething];
Finding an Element by ID
I used Peter Bromberg s excellent ASP.NET menu sample to easily integrate his menu control with my web application. The menu items are specified in the menu.xml file. The menu control loads the menu definition and applies XSLT transformation to render the menu in DHTML. For more implementation details about the menu control, check the resources in section 11.5.
Data compression
Now that you have set up your e-mail accounts on your iPad, you are ready to learn how to navigate through your e-mail.
Now that we have a predicate with a variable in it, we can make new specialized predicates using the predicateWithSubstitutionVariables call. You create a dictionary of key/value pairs, in which the key is the variable name (without the dollar sign), and the value is what should be plugged into the predicate:
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