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16.3.2 Calling a page function We need a method to be called to activate our function. For simplicity, we ve added another hyperlink next to the Help link at the bottom of the page, inside the TextBlock, except, instead of navigating, it calls a method when it s clicked. The XAML looks like this:
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Let s discuss in more detail the first two logging options, starting with the Report Server execution log. 7.5.1 Analyzing the Report Server execution log By analyzing the historical log, the administrator should be able to answer such questions as, Which are the top requested reports by day, month, and user , Which reports didn t execute successfully and why , and How long does it take on average for a given report to execute The Report Server can be set to store report execution statistics in the ExecutionLog table. The execution log is turned on by default and keeps the log data for 60 days. You can modify these settings from the Site Settings menu in the Report Manager. Retrieving the execution log data There s really nothing stopping you from querying the ExecutionLog table and its related tables directly. But to save you time and effort, the RS team has provided a useful DTS package called ExecutionLog, which you can find in the Extras folder on the RS setup CD. When run, the package performs ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) tasks to extract the execution log data from the Report Server database, transform it into a format suitable for reporting, and load the data into a separate database for reporting purposes. Please read the Querying and Reporting on Report Execution Log Data ANALYZING REPORT EXECUTION 255
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Listing 6 Isolating changed rows
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Task 1-7. Creating a New Database
Public Properties
This book is for all iPhone and iPod touch developers who want to know more so that they can tackle more difficult programming tasks on their way to creating the next great app. Perhaps you have completed an introductory book such as Beginning iPhone Development
The ROME newsfeed utilities
It s unlikely that you will need to use the advanced topics in this section, but it s a good idea to be aware of them. If you are new to multithreaded development, you can safely skip this section. The material covered here contains concepts that are not required to develop a multithreaded application.
CHAPTER 5: Moving, Docking, and Deleting Icons
Listing 1 Creating a server audit using the Security Log target
Figure 1-8. With GL_TRIANGLES, you have two separate polygons drawn individually. With GL_TRAINGLE_STRIP, all the polygons are connected, so you have to basically put two degenerate triangles in between the two separate quads.
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