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CHAPTER 3: Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming
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Table 2 summarizes the performance statistics of the two tests in terms of query elapsed time, I/O size, and I/O throughput.
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Playing Music
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SAS 70 Type II Compliance
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Object and collection initializers are particularly useful when used together in the same piece of code. The following two equivalent code blocks show how initializers allow us to write shorter code. Let s compare some code with object and collection initializers to code without. Here is the code with object and collection initializers:
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Basic queries for objects
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In this case, we don t even need a line that creates the analyzer object in each test: a shared class instance is initialized before each test with a new instance of LogAnalyzer, and then Initialize() is called on that instance. But beware: using a setup method to remove duplication isn t always a good idea, as I explain in the next section.
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Task 7-2. Excluding Objects from Exports
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The definition of function two is unchanged. Now set the global $x to 7 (commands at the top level always set global variables, so you don t need to use the global modifier).
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PS C:\>get-spsite | get-spweb | foreach-object { $_.Delete() }
Note the doubling of the writes per second figure (400 * 2); in this example, we re designing a RAID 10 volume, and as you ll see in a moment, two physical writes are required for each logical write hence the adjustment to the writes per second figure. Also note that this assumes the disk volume will be dedicated to the application s database. Combining multiple databases on the one disk will obviously affect the calculations. Although this is a simple example, it highlights the important relationship between the required throughput, the IOPS capacity of the disks, and the number of disks required to support the workload. Finally, a crucial aspect of disk configuration, and one that we ll cover in more detail in chapter 9, is the separation of the transaction log and data files. Unlike random access within data files, transaction logs are written in a sequential manner, so storing them on the same disk as data files will result in reduced transaction throughput, with the disk heads moving between the conflicting requirements of random and sequential I/O. In contrast, storing the transaction log on a dedicated disk will enable the disk heads to stay in position, writing sequentially, and therefore increase the transaction throughput. Once we ve determined the number of disks required, we need to ensure the I/O bus has adequate bandwidth.
$foo = new Foo(); NSNotificationCenter->defaultCenter() ->addObserver_selector_name_object_($foo, "aCallBack", "theNotificationName", undef);
The entities to add to or remove from the selection set
Note: The border style FixedSingle used here is similar to FixedDialog, except that the control box appears on the form. Since this will be a modeless dialog, it also seems appropriate to use the default setting of true for the ShowInTaskbar property.
Understanding Unix Scripting Concepts
Now encode the string element
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