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But we don t need it all You might be wondering how we can complete an Atom blog client library when Atom itself is not complete. In truth, we can t. When Atom is complete, it may also support collections of templates, comments, and even users. If we don t know how those things are defined, we can t include them in our library. Fortunately for us, the blog applications we ll develop in part II need support only for entries and resources, and those are present in the latest Atom protocol. So for now, we ll implement the Atom protocol yes features in table 10.1. Later, when Atom is complete, we ll finish the job by releasing an update to the online examples that accompany this book.
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Left value (continued) in DockStyle enumeration 32 in TabAlignment enumeration 367 libraries 640 Life, the universe, and everything 42 LIFO queue 130 Lines property 282 Link class 634 LinkClicked event, example 634 LinkColor property 576 LinkLabel class 281, 628 example 630 Link class 634 LinkClicked event 634 Links property 634 LinkLabel.Link class 634 LinkLabelLinkClickedEventArgs class 634 Links property 634 list documentation tag 675 List property 132 List value 443 ListBox class 323 ClearSelected method 332 comparison with ComboBox 334 contrasted with ListView 442 DrawMode property 346 GetSelected method 328 members 323 preventing flickering 327 SelectedIndices property 332 SelectedItems property 332 SetSelected method 332 ListBox.SelectedIndexCollection class 332 ListControl class 316 members 316 ListView class 444 AfterLabelEdit event 470 BeforeLabelEdit event 470 ColumnClick event 461
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Relevant Documents Content Editor
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Figure 16.11 The Settings page for the dictionary application
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Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down in Pandora
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Building on top of the CCLayer object are the constituents of your game, most of them some form of sprite nodes, including the occasional label node displaying the game s score. Menu and menu item nodes are used to display the in-game menu in this example, allowing the player to pause the game or return to the main menu. You ll notice in Figure 3 1 that the PlayerSprite node has another node added to it named PlayerWeaponSprite. In other words, the PlayerWeaponSprite is attached to the PlayerSprite. If the PlayerSprite moves, rotates, or scales, the PlayerWeaponSprite will do the same without any additional code. This is what makes the scene graph so powerful: most changes you make to a node affect all of its child nodes. But it s also what makes it confusing at times because suddenly things like position and rotation become relative to the parent node. I wrote a small sample Xcode project called NodeHierarchy, which comes with the book s source code and shows an example of how nodes in a hierarchy affect one another. It s much more easily understood if you see it on screen than if I tried to explain it with text and images.
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Rasterization Rasterization is the process of turning the vectors in the vector cache into their bitmap representation. Though not exactly rasterization by that definition, we ll also include video and image blitting in this process.
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I put this in the OnNavigatedTo handler, but that s not the best place. Instead, you want to reevaluate any UI changes like this whenever the user logs in or logs out. WCF RIA Services makes it easy to integrate authentication and authorization into your own application. Because it builds on ASP.NET membership and security, you know it s using a well-known and time-tested approach, which is already supported by the community.
Indexes, like any other storage object, become fragmented over time through the course of normal insert, delete, and update activity. Identifying the level of fragmentation is a crucial component of a targeted maintenance plan. Later in the chapter we ll look at prioritizing index maintenance based on the level of fragmentation. In this
Forms-based authentication (FBA) is cookie-based authentication in ASP.NET. Almost any ASP.NET web site with an on-page login form is using a form of forms-based authentication. Rather than relying on system tokens and security credentials provided by the operating system, each site or application can store user information in a database. For the vast majority of applications running outside the firewall, this is the way security is handled. To configure the users and roles for an application using FBA, you ll use the ASP.NET application configuration site. This site writes to the aspnetdb database (or other database if so configured) where the membership data is stored. More often than not, this database is located in the App_Data folder on the ASP.NET site. To configure this application, select the web project and choose the ASP.NET Configuration option from the Project menu. Figure 17.18 shows the menu you ll see. You can create new users through the administration site. In addition, the Silverlight Business Application template includes a self-service registration UI (which you can disable if you desire) for allowing Figure 17.18 The Project menu showing the ASP.NET Configuration option selected. This is self-registration of users. This form, shown the option used to configure the authentication in figure 17.19, is wired up through the database. If you don t see it, make sure the UserRegistrationService on the server. right project is selected.
Set the version number of the MyPhotos application to 9.2. REMOVE THE CAPTIONDLG FORM Action 1 In the Solution Explorer window, delete the CaptionDlg form.
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Control of and changes to the firewall aren t controlled by the host/instance itself, but require the customer s X.509 certificate and key to authorize changes, thus adding an extra layer of security. Within EC2, the host administrator and cloud administrator can be separate people, permitting two-man-rule security policies to be enforced. In addition, AWS encourages customers to apply additional per-instance filters with hostbased firewalls such as IPtables. This can restrict both inbound and outbound traffic on each instance. The level of security afforded by the firewall is a function of which ports are opened by you, and for what duration and purpose. The default state is to deny all incoming traffic, and developers should plan carefully what they ll open when building and securing their applications. It still requires well-informed traffic management and security design on a per-instance basis. The fact that the prominent public cloud providers were first and foremost major internet destination sites has enormous benefits. Their e-commerce operations were and are subject to incoming attacks, such as Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. Their prowess in preventing such attacks bleeds over to their public clouds. To wit, public cloud control API endpoints are hosted on the same internet-scale, worldclass infrastructure that supports the public cloud provider s other business sites. They use standard DDoS mitigation techniques, such as SYN cookies and connection limiting. To further mitigate the effect of potential DDoS attacks, providers maintain internal bandwidth that exceeds their provider-supplied internet bandwidth. This prevents bandwidth saturation from an external attack agent. Amazon EC2 instances aren t permitted to send spoofed traffic (including to another Amazon customer). The Amazon-controlled, host-based firewall infrastructure won t permit an instance to send traffic with a source IP or MAC address other than its own.
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