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As with a single-computer configuration, you need two Web sites for MCMS: one site for MCMS and a second site to serve as the entry point for the MCMS SCA. When you install IIS with the Common Files, Internet Information Services Snap-In, and World Wide Web Server components, a default Web site is created. If you delete the default Web site or if you choose to have MCMS run on another Web site, then you must create a site before installing MCMS. Microsoft recommends you create a separate Web site as the SCA entry point.
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var booksToImport = from amazonItem in amazonXml.Descendants(ns + "Item") join selectedBook in selectedBooks on (string)amazonItem.Element(ns + "ItemAttributes").Element(ns + "ISBN") equals selectedBook.Isbn join p in ctx.Publishers on (string)amazonItem.Element(ns + "ItemAttributes") .Element(ns + "Publisher") equals p.Name into publishers from existingPublisher in publishers.DefaultIfEmpty() let attributes = amazonItem.Element(ns + "ItemAttributes") select new Book { Isbn = (string)attributes.Element(ns + "ISBN"), Title = (string)attributes.Element(ns + "Title"), Publisher = (existingPublisher new Publisher { ID = Guid.Empty, Name = (string)attributes.Element(ns + "Publisher") }), Subject = (Subject)categoryComboBox.SelectedItem, PubDate = (DateTime)attributes.Element(ns + "PublicationDate"), Price = ParsePrice(attributes.Element(ns + "ListPrice")), BookAuthors = GetAuthors(attributes.Elements(ns + "Author")) };
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The operation of the filter is very straightforward. If -method is specified, only methods will be displayed. The member to be displayed will be formatted into a string displaying the type containing the method and the name of the method. Now that we ve covered finding types pretty thoroughly, we can move to the next step and create instances of the types we ve found. 11.1.4 Creating instances of types Now that we can find types, we need to know how to create instances of these types, since most of the work is done by instances (although there are some types such as [math] that only have static members). For example, before we can search using the [regex] type, we need to create an instance of that type from a pattern string.
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Advanced Objective-C
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Wait a minute. Didn t we just talk about hosting VBScript in PowerShell because PowerShell can t do everything Correct. When working with COM, there are some things that VBScript can do that PowerShell can t (yet). PowerShell has an edge in that it has simpler access to system resources than VBScript, but where it really wins is in presenting the output of an object. Remember, separating presentation from logic was one of the driving forces that led to PowerShell s creation. A significant amount of code in many VBScripts exists simply to format output. In PowerShell, most of the time this is free the default output rendering mechanism just works. A VBScript example Let s start with a simple VBScript that uses WMI the kind of thing that the Scriptomatic tool generates. We ll get this from Microsoft s ScriptCenter, a repository for all things scripting. ScriptCenter is available at http://www.microsoft.com/technet/ scriptcenter/default.mspx and the repository of scripts is available at http:// www.microsoft.com/technet/scriptcenter/scripts/default.mspx mfr=true The script we re going to look at uses WMI to get a list of the codecs installed on your system.
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Check that you can use the text size buttons to make text larger, smaller or standard. Try loading a few pages and check that the back, forward, and stop buttons work. Check that you can resize the window (as shown in Figure 5 4). Let s just briefly review what you have done here. Without writing a line of code simply by using a sophisticated framework, creating and connecting up controls you have created a fully functional web browser. OK, it s not Safari, and you don t have bookmarks, printing, saving, or a host of other features. (Well, not yet perhaps.) The head start you have with the WebKit framework means that you never have to worry about how to create the core of a web browser, which is probably the hardest part of the job.
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if ( fscanf( fp, "%[^\n]\n", infoPtr->comment ) == EOF ) { printf( "Missing DVD comment!\n" ); return false; }
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Listing 2.16 A custom type converter that converts from a string to a border (C#)
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Changing production ETL processes
xUnit Test Patterns by Gerard Meszaros is a classic pattern reference book
The only significant difference is the optional length modifier, which Java doesn t need. The common conversion format specifiers and their Java equivalents are listed in Table 8-7. Table 8-7. Format Conversion Specifiers
Type safety
CarParts-Split, found in the 06.01CarParts-Split project folder, takes all the classes out of the CarParts-Split.m file and moves them into their own files. Each class lives in its own header (.h) and implementation (.m) files. Let s see what it takes to create this project ourselves. We ll start with two classes that inherit from NSObject: Tire and Engine. Choose New File, and then pick Objective-C Class, and enter the name Tire. Do the same with Engine. Figure 6-4 shows the four new files in the project list.
The ROME newsfeed utilities
The C# Express Edition of Visual Studio 2008 (or above) is fine for use with this book.
There are a couple of options available to you with regards to how your iPhone reacts when an SMS message comes in. 1. 2. Start your Settings app, scroll to Sounds, and touch the tab. In the Sounds menu, if you choose to have the Vibratefeature ON when the phone rings (see 10: Your iPhone as a Phone ), you will also receive a vibration when an SMS message comes in.
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