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private System.Windows.Forms.ToolTip toolTipPhotos; . . . private void InitializeComponent() { . . . this.toolTipPhotos = new System.Windows.Forms.ToolTip(this.components); . . . }
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Template Gallery Contents
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Listing 15.7 CreateColumn method
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Definite Assignment and Arrays
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-- TSQL to return the set of active memory clerks SELECT DISTINCT memory_node_id FROM sys.dm_os_memory_clerks
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If you are not playing a song, video, or other content, pressing these Volume keys will adjust the volume of your phone ringer.
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Atom Publishing Format and the various forms of RSS are XML newsfeed formats; originally invented to allow Netscape portal to syndicate news items from other Web sites. Dave Libby and Dave Winer wrote the first RSS specifications in 1999; but since then RSS has forked into two incompatible versions: the RSS 1.0 RDF fork and Dave Winer s RSS 2.0 simple fork. Atom and RSS formats can be extended; you can add your own new XML elements to the formats as long as you do it in a declared XML namespace. Podcasting is a way to distribute any sort of file (not just MP3s for your iPod) via newsfeed, using either an <enclosure> element in RSS 2.0 or <link> elements in Atom format. Podcasting client software, sometimes called podcatchers, and newsfeed readers use newsfeed metadata to decide which podcast files are to be downloaded.
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Using the date Object
saigonCinnamon: [1/2, "tsp"], soda: [1, "tsp"], tartar: [1, "tsp"], egg: [2], yogurtCheese: [2/3, "cup"], pureMapleSyrup: [1/3, "cup"], shreddedGrannySmith: [1 + 2/3, "cup"], choppedPecans: [1/2, "cup"] }, icing: { yogurtCheese: [2/3, "cup"], pureMapleSyrup: [1 + 1/3, "tbs"], groundPecans: [2, "tsp"] } }; cake.dough.organicPastryFlour[0] < cake.dough.shreddedGrannySmith[0]; // true cake.dough.choppedPecans[0] < cake.dough.pureMapleSyrup[0]; // false cake.dough.freshlyGroundNutmeg[0] < cake.dough.saigonCinnamon[0]; // true cake.icing.yogurtCheese[0] < cake.dough.yogurtCheese[0]; // false
One possible workaround is to implement a server-side image handler page and adjust StreamRoot to point to that page. We will postpone the actual implementation until chapter 11. There s one last and important consideration about the RenderStream method. The Render and RenderStream calls need to share the same report session. Handling report sessions with SOAP access requires more programming effort on your part, as we will discuss next. 9.3.3 Handing report sessions Recall our discussion in chapter 7 that when a new non-snapshot report request arrives, the Report Server caches the report s IF in the RS Temporary Database in the form of a report session.
Concat() CopyTo() Insert() Join() PadLeft() PadRight() Remove() Replace() Split() Substrng() ToLower() ToUpper() Trim() TrimEnd() TrimStart()
PS (3) > nadd "1" "2" 3
Closely related to IoC is the idea of a ViewModel locator. A ViewModel locator is a service that can supply a ViewModel instance to a View. That instance may be internally cached, hard-coded, or delivered via IoC. I ve even seen some interesting implementations that use the Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF). An extremely simple ViewModel locator that keys off the view name may look something like listing 16.20. Create the ViewModelLocator class in the ViewModels folder.
WHERE (SOH.OrderDate BETWEEN @StartDate AND @EndDate) GROUP BY SOH.OrderDate, PC.Name, PC.ProductCategoryID ORDER BY PC.Name, OrderDate
SharePoint 2010 Server Standard Web Parts
Figure 5.4 The Report Object Model is implemented in the Microsoft.ReportingServices. ProcessingObjectModel assembly. It contains five object collections that you can access programmatically in expressions or custom code.
McKinsey & Company, 2008 Data Center Efficiency report.
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