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The Search Center displays results from a line-of-business system
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always has the exact same members. In order to trim down the list of properties, Select-Object can t just remove the properties I don t want, because the result wouldn t be a process object anymore. Instead, Select-Object creates a new kind of custom object called a PSObject. It copies over the properties I do want from the process, resulting in a custom object being placed into the pipeline.
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These methods return the number of elements within a sequence. The difference between them is in the return type. The Count method returns an integer and the LongCount method returns a long type. Let s see the methods prototypes:
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SimilCLR.dll is a .NET assembly. An assembly is a unit of execution of a .NET application. SQL Server 2005 introduced the ability to run .NET assemblies in the SQL Server process space. Running inside of the SQL Server process offers performance benefits over the previous method of calling an extended stored procedure. If you re using an older version of SQL Server, I suggest using the classic DLL from your client or middletier code. All code modules discussed here can be downloaded from the book s download site at http:/ / Because they can pack tremendous power, by default SQL Server doesn t allow .NET assemblies to run. To enable this capability, use the following:
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<ifStatementRule> = 'if' '(' <pipelineRule> ')' <statementBlockRule> [ 'elseif' '(' <pipelineRule> ')' <statementBlockRule> ]* [ 'else' <statementBlockRule> ]{0|1}
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class Book { public string Publisher; public string Title; public int Year; public Book(string title, string publisher, int year) { Title = title; Publisher = publisher; Year = year; } }
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-(void) draw:(int) n theColor:(int) color theOutline:(int) shape; @end [foo [foo [foo [foo draw]; draw:1]; draw:1 theColor:2]; draw:1 theColor:2 theOutline:2];
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One that you might like to follow is Document-Based Applications Overview. In addition to straightforward single-window applications, you can also create Document-based applications within Xcode. You met one back in 3 in fact, when you created the TextPal application. As the name suggests, a Document-based application is centered on the idea that your user will interact with the application primarily by creating and managing documents. It s more complex than that: as well as controlling the flow of execution overall, your program has to work with the extra complications of opening, managing, and storing data to and from documents. Many applications, from TextEdit to Photoshop, exhibit Document-based behavior. Xcode provides the usual high standard of tool support for creating Document-based applications, and this document provides a detailed discussion of the Cocoa document architecture.
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Silverlight was first and best known for its media capabilities. The Silverlight media team didn t rest on that, instead pumping out enormous advances in media in both Silverlight 3 and 4. Silverlight 2 included a Media Stream Source API for pushing media through the pipeline. But that API required that the bits be preencoded into one of the formats
To declare and set a reference to the Layouts object for the currently active drawing, you might use this code: Dim objLayouts As AcadLayouts Set objLayouts = ThisDrawing.Layouts A Layout object has only one Block object associated with it and you access it via the Block property. Similarly, the one layout is associated with a Block object and you can access it through the Layout property. You can access a Layout object using the Item method of the Layouts collection or you can reference the active layout through the ActiveLayout property of the Document object: Set LayoutObject = DocumentObject.ActiveLayout You can use many of the properties and methods of the Layout object to control plotting features such as plot rotation and scale. These properties are also exposed by the PlotConfiguration object and are covered later in this chapter. The SetLayoutsToPlot Method You use the SetLayoutsToPlot method to specify the layout or layouts that you want to plot. You ll normally use this method prior to a call to the PlotToDevice or PlotToFile method to override the default plotting of the active layout. After you ve called either of these plotting methods, the default returns to the active layout. PlotObject.SetLayoutsToPlot(Layouts) Table 15-3 shows the SetLayoutsToPlot method s parameter. Table 15-3. The SetLayoutsToPlot Method Parameter
The idea was to put a breakpoint inside the body of the function, so I could break when I called it from expressions inside the report. For example, to inspect the properties of a dataset field, I could drag and drop a field from the report dataset on the report and use the following expression for the textbox value:
# file for Nina's date-smart RSS 0.91 parser WireFeedParser.classes=\ com.manning.blogapps.chapter07.parsers.RSS091UParser Converter.classes=\ com.manning.blogapps.chapter07.parsers.ConverterForRSS091U
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Sometimes your app will crash immediately when this happens. However, sometimes the object will have been deleted, but the memory on the heap hasn t been allocated to something else yet. So, the result is that the variable still points to what looks like an object in memory, and the function call works. In doing so, if that method starts changing member variables, it can now be changing memory on the heap that it doesn t own anymore, resulting in a stomp of other newly allocated objects. For an example of one of these situations, see Figure 4-6.
- (void) copyValuesFromStatement: (sqlite3_stmt *) statement toRow: _ (NSMutableDictionary *) row queryInfo: (NSDictionary *) queryInfo columnTypes: _ (NSArray *) columnTypes columnNames: (NSArray *) columnNames { int columnCount = sqlite3_column_count(statement); for(int i = 0; i < columnCount; i++) { id value = [self valueFromStatement:statement column:i queryInfo: queryInfo_ columnTypes: columnTypes]; if(value != nil) { [row setValue: value forKey: [columnNames objectAtIndex:i]]; } } }
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