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And this is only an example to show how tasks that used to be painful are now simple. You can go even further with WPF. For example, what if you wanted a rectangle in the middle of the text
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The Framework classes include many examples of Dispose. A related method, Close, is sometimes used instead of Dispose if the object can be reopened or reused after it has been closed. A good example would be a class that represents a file or stream that can be closed and reopened without creating a new object instance. On the other hand, if clean-up means that the object is no longer usable, Dispose is preferred. Remember that finalization costs time and should only be implemented if an object needs to explicitly release resources.
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As you can see, this report is very similar to the RS Product Catalog report sample, so we won t spend much time discussing its implementation details. Instead, we will focus on explaining how to export the report s content to XML. Understanding the RSS schema What the report s XML output needs to be depends on which version of the RSS specification you have to support. For example, listing 6.4 shows what the sales promotion RSS feed should look like if it conforms to RSS version 2.0.
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You can name variables almost any way you want, but some restrictions exist. Follow these rules in variable names: You must use a letter as the first character. You can t use a space; a period (.); an exclamation mark (!); or the characters @, &, $, or #
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Now, the test method is ready for testing. The same procedure has to be repeated for the second constructor test and the test of the LoadLists method. The second constructor test is similar to the first one, and you should change the LoadLists test to this:
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Figure 6-1. Creating a new file in Xcode
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And this would be the selector for the setTire:atIndex: Car method:
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NOTE: As with menu items, a list of actions always ends with nil. If you forget to add nil as the last parameter, the line creating the CCSequence will crash!
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5.12 Summary
$ ./ admin admin http://localhost:8080/roller/ app/adminblog/resources
function ql { $args } function qs { "$args" }
The Data Profiling Task Editor
[-ComputerName <string[]>]
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