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The availability of the e-mail address fields (To, Cc, and Bcc) is controlled by the SendEmailToUserAlias setting in the Report Server configuration file (RSReportServer.config). If this setting is True (the default), only users who have rights to the Manage All Subscriptions task can change these fields. If the setting is False, these fields are enabled for any user who has rights to the Manage Individual Subscriptions task. For better security, we suggest that you leave this setting set to True so that you can control the e-mail recipient list.
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The concept of object inheritance is often explained with the canonical Employee class derived from a Person class. The derived class, in this case Employee, inherits the properties and functionality found in the parent class, e.g., Person. For example, the Person class might provide properties and methods for tracking the address of a person. The Employee class inherits these members and supports this functionality without the addition of any new code.2 The .NET Framework allows a similar behavior for Forms. You can create a form, and then reuse that form in the creation of additional forms. The parent form defines various members and controls that child forms will inherit. Controls on the form define their access level, such as private, protected, or public, just like members of any other class. A child form can modify these controls to the extent of their assigned access level. For our application, we would like to add the two dialogs shown in figure 9.1. The first is for editing the properties of a specific photograph, and the second for editing the properties of an album. While the contents of these two windows are entirely different, they are both modal dialog boxes and share a common set of buttons at the base of the form and a panel at the top.
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The process starts with a call to factorial():
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4.2.1 The elements of RSS 1.0
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An object can be used from within a C# source file only if the C# compiler can locate that object. By default, the compiler will open only the single assembly known as mscorlib.dll, which contains the core functions for the CLR. To reference objects located in other assemblies, the name of the assembly file must be passed to the compiler. You can do this on the command line using the /r:<assembly> option or from within Visual Studio by adding a reference to the C# project. Typically, a correlation exists between the namespace an object is in and the name of the assembly in which it resides. For example, the types in the System.Net namespace reside in the System.Net.dll assembly. Types are usually placed in assemblies based on the usage patterns of the objects in that assembly; a large or rarely used type in a namespace might be placed in its own assembly. You can find the exact name of the assembly that an object is contained in within the documentation for that object.
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whereDelegate) ObjectDumper.Write(result) End Sub End Class
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To add a note in the margin just do the following: 1. 2. 3. 4. Touch and hold any word, as you did previously. Choose Note from the menu. Type in your note and then touch Done. The note now appears on the side of the page in the margin (see Figure 14 4).
After you submit a page, you can set the publishing schedule to post the page to the live site. Editors and moderators generally set publishing schedules.
Table 3.3
Many organizations use Microsoft Exchange Server as an e-mail server. If you want to use an existing Exchange Server for e-mail report delivery, here s how to configure the Report Server. First, find the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the Exchange Server. One way to accomplish this, besides harassing the network administrator, is to look at the message header of any of the e-mail messages received in your Outlook Inbox. To do so, open a received e-mail and select Options from the View menu. In the Internet Headers textbox you see something like this:
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