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The best cloud provider operator s ratio of administrators to servers will go from 1:1,000 to 1:10,000 servers by 2020. Note that the breakdown of costs in the previous section didn t list labor. This is because mega data centers have so much scale that the cost of labor becomes miniscule, particularly because they ve invested heavily in software to automate the operation. A typical corporate data center operates at a ratio of about 1 staff member to every 100 servers, whereas the best cloud providers operate instead at a ratio of 1:1,000 servers. These facilities draw the best IT professionals because they re so advanced and specialized that it s a good career move. Also, the cloud providers pay employees better for their skills than corporate data centers do. The cloud data centers run so efficiently because they ve had to build high levels of automation into their operations to offer a basic cloud offering. One way they can achieve high levels of automation is by standardizing their platforms. You can request only a handful of different platforms from Amazon. But a typical corporate data center has a huge number of applications (frequently in the thousands) with literally hundreds of different possible configurations of hardware and software. Exacerbating this complexity is the fact that forecasts for usage patterns and scale requirements are usually uncertain. This pushes a tendency to overprovision so as not to get caught short of capacity on important applications. The end result of this constant drive for more automation, hiring the best people, and creating larger data centers, will get the cloud providers to a ration of 1 administrator for every 10,000 servers in the next decade.
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SELECT [DueDate],SUM([OrderQty]) AS SumQty FROM [AdventureWorks].[Production].[WorkOrder] GROUP BY [DueDate] SELECT [DueDate],SUM([OrderQty]) AS SumQty FROM [AdventureWorks_Copy].[Production].[WorkOrder] GROUP BY [DueDate]
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if (AutomationFactory.IsAvailable) { dynamic excel = AutomationFactory.CreateObject("Excel.Application"); excel.Visible = true; dynamic workbook = excel.workbooks; workbook.Add(); dynamic sheet = excel.ActiveSheet; int i = 1; double[] data = new double[] { 1.0, 5.0, 9.5, 2.7, 3.2, 0.6 }; foreach (double d in data) { dynamic cell = sheet.Cells[i, 1]; cell.Value = "Row " + i; cell.ColumnWidth = 10; cell = sheet.Cells[i, 2]; cell.Value = d; i++; } dynamic shapes = sheet.Shapes; shapes.AddChart(-4100, 120, 2, 300, 200); }
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Listin g 23-2. Lazy Singleton Pattern
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The best way to discuss any new programming concept is to make sure you understand some key words and how they apply. The first important term is process. A process is simply your application running; Figure 3-2 illustrates a simple process. Every process gets its own address space and call stack to keep track of methods, variables, and events.
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In a manner similar to log shipping, servers in a database mirroring session use the transaction log to move transactions between a principal server and a mirror server. The main advantage of database mirroring is that the movement of transactions can be performed synchronously, guaranteeing that the mirror is an exact copy of the principal at any given moment. In contrast, a log shipping destination is typically at least 15 minutes behind the source (which can actually be an advantage in some situations, as we ll see shortly). Like log shipping, database mirroring needs to be set up on a database-by-database basis, therefore limiting its appeal for instances containing many critical databases. Unlike log shipping, however, it can optionally be configured with a witness instance to initiate automatic failover to the mirror server. Further, with the correct configuration, client connections can be automatically redirected to the mirror server on failure of the principal. A typical database mirroring session is illustrated in figure 11.2. Covered in detail later in the chapter, database mirroring also overcomes the shared storage limitation of clustering, therefore enabling mirroring partners to be located large distances from one another.
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You may want to change how your contacts are displayed. Here s where you get it done; you can choose First, Last or Last, First. Tap the Display Order tab and choose whether you want your contact displayed in first-name or lastname order. Tap the Mail, Contacts button in the upper left corner to save your settings changes.
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<class name="CaveatEmptor.Model.Category, CaveatEmptor" lazy="false">
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by the panel. The measure and layout calculations would change to use the provided sizes rather than calculating sizes.
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