Listing 14.17 Reading the message
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Note that if interval is 0, you should use the scheduleUpdate method instead. However, the above code is the preferred choice if you ever need to unschedule a particular selector at a later time. The scheduleUpdate method won t let you do this. The update method s signature is still the same; it receives a delta time as its only parameter. But this time it can be named any way you want, and it is called only every tenth of a second. This may be useful to check for win conditions if they are so complex you don t want to run them every frame. Or if you want something to happen after 10 minutes, you could schedule a selector with an interval of 600.
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Task Manager results are local to the partition in which it runs.
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Now run the simulator (File Simulate Interface or R) and try changing the window size (see right side of Figure 3 8). Horrible, isn t it The problem is that Interface Builder has no way of knowing how you want the individual components to behave when the containing window changes size. The results are rarely what you want, so you need to explicitly set the Autosizing behavior that you expect. You do this in the Size tab of the Inspector window. First, a general description of how the Autosizing controls work, then you can work through each one.
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choose URL
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The last example of the ordering operators uses the comparer function (see Listing 123).
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Figure 18-3. Style buttons
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TRY IT NOW I m hoping that you ll follow along and run the same commands
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Listing 2.3 Finalization of a derived class
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You can script SQL Agent jobs out on the principal, and then create them on the mirror ahead of time, keeping them disabled on the mirror until you need them. However, ensuring that the SQL Agent jobs are maintained on the mirror will require some discipline. Job changes are migrated over time. You should make sure that both sides of the mirroring partnership are properly configured for SQL Server 2008, depending on your type of workload. For both online transaction processing (OLTP) and decision support system (DSS) types of workloads, I would grant the Lock Pages in Memory and Perform Volume Maintenance Tasks rights to the SQL Server Service Account. Prior to SQL Server 2008 SP1 CU2 (Build 2714), the Lock Pages in Memory right worked only with the Enterprise Edition of SQL Server 2005/2008. The Perform Volume Maintenance Tasks right is necessary for the Windows Instant File Initialization feature to work. This allows SQL Server to allocate file space for data files (during database creation, file grows, and database restores), without zeroing out the file first. This can pose a small security risk, but I think the benefit far outweighs the risk. Database restores are much quicker with Windows Instant File Initialization enabled. This is important when you are trying to establish a mirror on a busy production database. You should also set instance level options with sp_configure for things like max server memory (MB), max degree of parallelism, optimize for ad hoc workloads, clr enabled, and backup compression default to appropriate values depending on your workload type. Max degree of parallelism is usually set to 1 for OLTP workloads and half the number of processor cores for DSS workloads. Optimize for ad hoc workloads
SELECT Cost: 0%
State-based testing (also called state verification) determines whether the exercised method worked correctly by examining the state of the system under test and its collaborators (dependencies) after the method is exercised.
Class Accessibility
Configuring virtual machines
Listing 1 Code to load SMOExtended.dll and SQLWMIManagement.dll
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