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We ll look at several parts of the App Store Home page: the Top Bar, middle content, and the bottom soft keys. We ll look at the Top Bar first. At the top of the page shown in Figure 26 2, you will see three buttons: New, What s Hot, and Genius. Tap any of these to change the view. TIP: Genius is a fairly new feature in the App Store. Once you enable it and agree to the terms and conditions, the Genius feature suggests apps you might like based on apps you have already downloaded and installed on your iPhone. It can be quite a nice way to filter through the hundreds of thousands of apps to find the ones that might interest you. The middle of the page is your main content area. This main content area shows you a list of apps or the details of a specific app when you are viewing one app. You can swipe up or down to view more apps in a list or details for a specific app. You can swipe left or right when viewing screen shots. On this Featured apps page, you will notice that there are a few large icons at the top. Clicking these icons will show you either types of apps or individual apps. Below the larger icons you have to swipe down), you will see a number of featured apps. The bottom of the App Store page has five soft key buttons: Featured: Shows apps that have been highlighted by the App Store or by the app developers. Categories: Shows a list of categories used to organize the apps, so you can browse by category. Top 25: Shows top selling or top downloaded apps. Search: Finds an app using entered search terms. Updates: Lets you update any apps you have installed. You can tell that Figure 26 2 is showing Featured apps because the Featured soft key is highlighted on the bottom row of soft keys. Also, scrolling is handled the same way as in iTunes and in other programs just move your finger up and down to scroll through the page.
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If a user creates a subscription with a certain parameter, and then the administrator sets the report to snapshot execution but chooses a new parameter value, if the subscription is run, then it will be deactivated. Deactivating the subscription provides an indication that the report has been modified. To reactivate the subscription, the user needs to open and then save the subscription.
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Starting with the Basics: Subroutine Parameter Labels
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Swipe right to left to see additional icons. Tap any icon to start that app.
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The ability to represent our data through more natural object hierarchies allows us to work with it in a more familiar programming manner. We establish the object dependencies based on the specific business needs and we can work with it as we would any set of objects. This allows us to maintain our business rules and integrity without having to focus on the relational nature of the underlying store. If we want, we can restate our running example using a hierarchical syntax as shown in listing 6.24.
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Author and Book class diagram
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Some Useful Types
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private void PrepareAudio() { int ByteRate = _audioSampleRate * _audioChannels * (_audioBitsPerSample / 8);
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This chaining technique is important because an initialization method might return an object that s not the same as the one that was allocated. If you think that s pretty odd, you re right. But it can happen. Why might a programmer want an init method to return a different object If you recall the discussion on class clusters at the end of 8, you saw that classes like NSString and NSArray are really just false fronts for a whole lot of specialized classes. An init method can take arguments, so the method code gets a chance to look at the arguments and decide that another class of object would be more appropriate. For example, let s say a new string is being made from a very long string, or maybe from a string of Arabic characters. Based on this knowledge, the string initializer might decide to create an object of a different class, one better suited to the needs of the desired string, and return that instead of the original object.
Individual elements on the Silverlight page receive focus by click or tab. But you can manually set focus to an element by calling the Focus method of the UIElement:
To further customize this Web Part, add another property that tells the Web Part how many blog posts to show from the RSS feed. Use an int for the property and call it ItemCount:
The Canvas layout
unnecessary dynamic SQL calls that cannot be readily interpreted by the support person, and in other cases we create blocks of code like the following that are difficult to support:
Code creating and populating table T1
Using the Silverlight.js utility file The Silverlight.js utility file is part of the free Silverlight SDK and also part of the Visual Studio Silverlight project templates. The Silverlight SDK is available through the Silverlight web site at, and installed as part of the Silverlight tools installation package. Once you ve downloaded the SDK, you can find the Silverlight.js file in the installation s Tools directory. This file is an integral part of every Silverlight application, so you should know where to find it. Then, you can distribute and reference this file within your applications. Once it s referenced, you can use any number of the valuable features exposed by this file.
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