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Note: Of course, if the album requires a password, then the user must enter it here, which is not the best user interface. See the TRY IT! paragraph later in this section for a discussion on an alternative approach. 11 Initialize a new ListViewItem based on whether the album was opened successfully.
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until ( i == 20 );
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Snappier Conditionals
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CHAPTER 7: Playing Music
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WebPartVerb verb2 = new WebPartVerb( Client_Click , alert('You clicked me') ); verb2.Text = Client script ; verbs.Add(verb2); return new WebPartVerbCollection(verbs); } } }
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The designers of the C# language figured the ability to convey nullability in value types was important enough to elevate nullable types from a generic type in the framework library into a fully fledged language feature. C# language nullable types map directly to the Nullable<T> framework library type, so any other language that supports generics can use C# nullable types. You express nullable types by adding a question mark after the name of a value type, which indicates that the instance declared by the declaration can be nullable: int i = null; //same as Nullable<int> i = null; int j = 0; // same as Nullable<int> j = 0; To be a genuinely useful feature, nullable types need to act and feel like the value type they represent. Thankfully, operations and conversion that work on the value type will also work on the reference type. This means the following code will work with no compile-time or runtime errors: int i = 1; int j = 2; int k = i + j; //addition operator works fine double d = k; //no problem with implicit conversion to double short s = (short )d; //explicit cast required to short //because of possible data loss
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At this point in the program (after myInt has been declared but before any value has been assigned to it), myInt is said to be uninitialized. In computerese, initialization refers to the process of establishing a variable s value for the first time. A variable that has been declared, but that has not had a value assigned to it, is said to be uninitialized. You initialize a variable the first time you assign a value to it. Since myInt was declared to be of type int, and since Xcode is currently set to use 4-byte
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Database file configuration
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When elements are deeply nested, you can use the Descendants method to quickly navigate to the desired element. Listing 3-5 shows how to navigate down into nested elements using this quicker way.
Aside from the learning curve for people with a background in iterative coding, there s only one problem with the set-based approach. Because you have to declare the results in terms of the original input, you can t take shortcuts by specifying end results in terms of intermediate results. In some cases, this results in queries that are awkward to write and hard to read. In other cases, it may result in queries that force SQL Server to do more work than would otherwise be required. Running totals is an example of this. There s no way to tell SQL Server to calculate the running total of each row as the total of the previous row plus the value of the current row, because the running total of the previous row isn t available in the input, and partial query results (even though SQL Server does know them) can t be specified in the language. The only way to calculate running totals in a set-based fashion is to specify each running total as the sum of the values in all preceding rows. That implies that a lot
To retrieve those sessions, run Get-PSSession:
hold a number from 1 to 10, the rating we ve assigned to a particular DVD. This line of code assigns a value of 8 to DVD 37:
It checks if the local player is authenticated, and if so, it calls the getLocalPlayerFriends method of the GameKitHelper class right away. Let s take a look at that in Listing 14 7.
Feed Validator: The Free Newsfeed Validation Service
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You may have noticed the tabs, spaces, and blank lines scattered throughout the sample programs. These are known in C as white space. With a few exceptions, white space is ignored by C compilers. Believe it or not, as far as the C compiler goes, this program:
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