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Creating UI using WPF
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The difference between Pulse and PulseAll
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NoteKey-Value Observing will also notice property changes made using Key-Value Coding, as in [chameleon
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In order to locate the album file name in our new method, record the album file name in the Tag property associated with each list item in the LoadAlbumData method.
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Brush fillBrush; Pen outlinePen = new Pen(Brushes.Black, 1); int nIndex = 0; Rect rect; double height; DrawingVisual visual; foreach (NameValuePair nvp in dataPoints) New Visual for { each Column visual = new DrawingVisual(); using (DrawingContext drawingContext = visual.RenderOpen()) { fillBrush = new SolidColorBrush(columnColors[nIndex % columnColors.Count]);
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Adding New Calendar Events
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The Client Object Model and Silverlight Web Parts
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Member name
Follow these steps to create a Genius mix and playlist: 1. 2. Click a song in your library from that you would like to base the Genius mix and Genius playlist on. Click the Genius button at the bottom of the iTunes screen, as shown in Figure 30 20.
You might not be happy that Cocoa complains so vehemently if your program merely transgresses the bounds of an array. But trust us: you ll come to realize it s actually a great thing, because it allows you to catch errors that otherwise might go undetected. Like NSString, NSArray has a lot of features. For example, you can tell an array to give you the location of a particular object, make a new array based on a range of elements in the current array, join all the elements into a string with a given separator (that one is handy for making comma-separated lists), or make a new array that s a sorted version of the array you already have.
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After you purchase a song, video, app, or other item from the App Store or if you have just authorized this computer on your account you should click the Downloads link that appears under the Store category heading in the left column. Any items currently being downloaded will show a status bar in the Downloads main window, showing Done when they are completely downloaded to your computer (see Figure 26 38). You will need to see a status of Done before you can put the purchased item onto your iPad.
Note that this listing has removed the comments and unused boilerplate from the stub code. Make the appropriate changes to the method for reading archived data (Listing 3 8):
Uses a delegate
some restrictions as to where you can place a line continuation character, such as in the middle of an object or procedure name.
} catch (InterruptedException ex) { } Console.WriteLine("Joined other thread"); Console.WriteLine("Exiting main thread"); } }
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