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The plus (+) operator is used for concatenating strings and arrays. The type of the left-hand argument controls the type of the conversion. See chapter 7 for details. The PowerShell syntax is very C-like in that statement blocks are delimited with braces { and } instead of keywords. For example, in PowerShell we would write
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Minimum Font Size: This is the default font size shown when opening an email the first time. It is also smallest font size that you are allowed to zoom out to when viewing an email. Your options are Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, and Giant (the default is Medium).
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The new tags are defined in the GameScene header file as follows:
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Handling operations A good place to start with the calculator is with the various operations we want to support. Because we re lazy, the calculator can only do four things: add, subtract, multiply, and divide. For convenience, we ll define an enum with all the operators:
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Note that the button isn t enabled by default. We ll enable it once the data is loaded from the service. The code to run the report can t be included in the service return event handler, because (in normal trust applications) it must be run from a user-initiated event. Listing 19.13 shows the code-behind with the code to load the report data and handle the print report button click.
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You would lock scripts for one of two reasons: the first is to protect clients from themselves. If they can t open the scripts, they can t mess things up and give you the work you dread most. The other reason for locking your scripts is to protect your code from unauthorized access. Otherwise, nothing is preventing any scripter at the installed location from opening your scripts and copying your subroutines into their own scripts. Nevertheless, I always leave my scripts unlocked. Yes, I do have clients who like to poke around in them, but I just explain the possible consequences, and they usually do it on a separate machine designated as a test environment. Another benefit it can give me is that I can use a person as a remote-controlled AppleScripter to help me fix scripts on-site when they break. Besides, I m an open source guy. Sharing code is what makes the AppleScript community so great, and I want to be a part of that. If someone can open my scripts and actually learn something, more power to them. Of course, there s that whole competition thing, but really, what are the chances that a script I wrote will be used against me if it falls into the wrong hands In my eyes this is an unlikely situation. You may also use a combination by locking your general cache of subroutines and leaving the main scripts unlocked for easy access.
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Congratulations, you re pushing!
Note: Since false is the default value, these lines are not strictly required. They are here simply to illustrate the setting when the application is permitted to exit. 5 Remember to call
Colors show events are on three different calendars.
Working with legacy code
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