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As noted, List view is available only when your search produces multiple results (like pizza 32174 ) or you ve asked for directions, as shown in Figure 22 3.
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ForEach is an excellent example of why scripting like this isn t always necessary in Pow-
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NSNumber *min, *max; min = [garage valueForKeyPath: @"cars.@min.mileage"]; max = [garage valueForKeyPath: @"cars.@max.mileage"]; NSLog (@"minimax: %@ / %@", min, max);
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button1.Click += new RoutedEventHandler(OnButton1Clicked);
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In addition to calling subroutines located within the current script, you can also call subroutines located in other scripts:
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The OnStop method is invoked when the service is being stopped. Since our service is timer-based, the only operation we must perform is to stop the timer.
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New Object Patterns
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ASP.NET generates plain HTML that is easily digested by down-level browsers. In fact, using ASP.NET server controls is a good way to produce pages that are compatible across the different browsers. If you launch your browser and open the application, you should see the page shown in figure 8.5.
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The second approach also has performance advantages when retrieving data from large numbers of objects. See 25 for more information.
One is Windows PowerShell v2.0: TFM, published by SAPIEN Press. I coauthored this with Jeffery Hicks, so I m a bit biased, but it covers almost every single thing an administrator can do with PowerShell, including numerous full-length examples. The examples can also be downloaded from http://SAPIENPress .com (navigate to the book s page and scroll all the way to the bottom). Some of the content in the book gets pretty advanced, but it s a great reference.
If you re following along, make sure that you remove the OnAnyClickOnForm registration and handler before you run this code or clicking buttons might lead to temporary two-beep insanity. By the way, you could also mark the event as handled here, in which case none of the other handlers will be called, unless they ve set handledEventsToo to true.
method, it converts the message into an NSInvocation object. It then passes that NSInvocation to the object s -forwardInvocation: method. The root NSObject s -forwardInvocation: simply sends itself a -doesNotRecognizeSelector: message, which (unless overridden) throws the unrecognized selector exception. A class can override -forwardInvocation: and intercept unimplemented messages. As the name implies, -forwardInvocation: is designed to redirect or forward a message to another object. The StandIn class in Listing 6-12 shows how this is accomplished. The object responds normally to all of the methods it implements or inherits. When sent a message it does not implement, it receives a -forwardInvocation: message. StandIn passes the message, and all of the call s parameters, to its actor object. If actor doesn t implement the message, it will either throw an exception or forward the invocation.
Once you ve added the Silverlight Web Part to the page, the Web Part will ask you to enter the URL where the Silverlight XAP file is located. The URL can be a local URL in your SharePoint farm or a remote URL where the Silverlight application is hosted by someone else. You can easily edit the export mode settings of a configured Silverlight Web Part and then export it to use in your applications. Using Silverlight in combination with SharePoint allows you to build a richer user interface that you can t achieve using standard HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Silverlight has great support for rich media and streaming, and SharePoint Server has a configurable Silverlight-based Media Web Part out of the box.
Table 1-1. LINQ Standard Query Operators Grouped by Operation
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