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Test hierarchies and organization
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If GetCommand() returns 'l', the user wants to list all the DVDs in a collection. That s what the function ListDVDs() does.
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Our check box example does have one drawback. If the user clicks the check box, then he or she is forced to enter a password before leaving the txtAlbumPwd control. This could be a little frustrating if the user then wishes to uncheck the check box. We alleviate this a little by providing a default text string in the txtAlbumPwd control. From a book perspective, this was a good place to demonstrate the Focus method and validation events, so we will allow this little design anomaly to remain. In practice, an alternative might be to ensure that the password is nonempty as part of the ValidPasswords method. This completes our discussion of check boxes. The last step here is to add the logic to reset and save our dialog box values, and display the form from our MyPhotos application. 9.3.6 Adding AlbumEditDlg to our main form The final task required so that we can see our AlbumEditDlg dialog in action is to handle the reset and save logic required and link the dialog into our application. Let s make this happen.
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drain] message is fairly new. Older code sends a -release message instead. In a managed memory environment the two are identical. When mixing managed memory with garbage collection (see the next section), -drain sends a hint to the garbage collector to start collecting. Both are correct.
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When you re flying on an airplane, the flight crew usually asks you to turn off all portable electronic devices for takeoff and landing. Then, when you get to altitude, they say all approved electronic devices can be turned back on. You can turn off the iPad by pressing and holding the Sleep/Wake button on the top right edge until the slider appears, then slide to power off with your finger.
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The existence of islands of data within an organization isn t a new problem. In fact, that problem has been around ever since information has been stored in an electronic format, even before SharePoint was around! But as we re SharePointfocused, we ll concentrate on how this problem could be tackled in the SharePoint 2003 environment. A tool that s widely used in SharePoint to display data is the Data View Web Part.
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As you can see, changing or adding a namespace import can make a serious difference in the behavior of your code. A given query can behave differently if you use System.Linq, LinqInAction.Extensibility, or another namespace! The design decision of relying on namespace imports to reference extension methods (and query operators) is questionable. Anyway, be careful about this and double-check the namespaces you import when in doubt.
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CHAPTER 30: Your iTunes User Guide
string[] customernames = proxy.ListCustomers();
Create a Password property to retrieve the value of the txtPassword control.
Figure 3-4. Audio file layout compared with audio stream data layout
WCF RIA Services
Passing C pointers as parameters presents another problem. Pointers can t be copied by value since the local address will be meaningless to the receiving process. Nor is there any way to create the equivalent of a proxy object for a remote structure. Distributed objects solves this problem by copying the value of the structure the pointer parameter points to unless the pointer is NULL, in which case it simply sends NULL to the receiver. - (void)rectToLocalCoordinates:(NSRect*)rectangle; When the -rectToLocalCoordinates: message is sent to a distant object, the contents of the NSRect structure are copied, verbatim, to the remote process and the C pointer the receiver gets points to a local copy allocated by distributed objects. When the method returns, the (possibly modified) contents of the NSRect structure are copied back to the sender, and the temporary copy is destroyed. This isn t particularly efficient, but it s safe. For methods that only reference the contents of the structure, or ignore its original content, Objective-C provides the parameter modifiers listed in Table 13-3.
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