Figure 11-7 depicts a rotated-style dimension.
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Adoption and growth of mashups
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Compile and run the application to see your code in action. The application should appear as in figure 17.4 at the start of this section.
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code, and compile-time checks. Still, this can become broken if we start to include malformed SQL queries or XML fragments in our code, none of which are validated by the compiler. A successful solution requires bridging the different technologies and solving the object-persistence impedance mismatch a challenging and resource-intensive problem. To solve this problem, we must resolve the following issues between .NET and data source elements:
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The requestReport JavaScript client-side function submits the report request as we ve just seen. 11.2.2 Creating write-back reports By write-back reports, we will mean reports that allow the users to update the report s data and post back the changes to the report s database, very much like the way server-side web pages work. This sounds like a cool thing, doesn t it The only caveat is that RS (or any other reporting tool that we know of) doesn t support write-back reports. However, as a workaround, you can leverage the RS navigation features to integrate your reports with server-side pages. Let s see how this could be done. As you saw in chapter 5, your reports can include navigational features in the form of hyperlinks. Hyperlinks don t have to request RS reports only. Instead, you can reverse their purpose and use hyperlinks inside your reports to perform some custom action. Let s say the AWC sales management has realized that sometimes the sales order data is entered erroneously. The management has requested that you enhance the Sales Order report to meet the following requirements: The sales administrator can request a report for a given salesperson and date range. If wrong sales order data is entered, the sales administrator must be able to change the order s details. The changes have to be persisted back to the data source. At first look, you may think that these requirements call for application-based reporting because RS doesn t currently support write-back reports. However, you can get around this limitation by using hyperlinks in your reports that request server-side pages. 388
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NSLog(@"found indexed item %@", [array objectAtIndex:indexOfFive]);
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Again, this is a very simple example, but the method can be applied to find much more complicated memory stomps. NOTE: The default behavior, if you put a watch on a pointer, is to just watch the value of the pointer. That means that the debugger will halt only if the address that the pointer is pointing to changes. This is often not what you want. You can instead tell the debugger to watch the entire contents of the object to which the pointer points. To do this, while debugging and at a breakpoint, find the memory address for the object you want to watch. Open the Expressions window, and use an expression in this format: *(<class_name>*)(<mem_address>). For example, enter *(TestCPPClass*)(0xb482ffb0). Then right-click the expression, and choose Watch Variable. Now when any member of the object changes, the program will halt. Be careful, though, because this can slow the debugger significantly!
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private void CreateDataSource() { library = new DataSet("Librarian");
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PS (8) > $one=0,0 ; $two=1,0 PS (9) > $2d [ $one, $two ] Unexpected token ' $one, $two ' in expression or statement. At line:1 char:18 + $2d [ $one, $two ] <<<< PS (10) > $2d[ $one, $two ] a b
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Table 9 3. Original bindings for the Consultant popup
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With multitasking, also called App Switching, you can leave many of your apps running in the background and switch over to another without stopping the first app. NOTE: Developers have to implement multitasking on their end, and while more and more multitasking-aware apps and updates are appearing every day; many apps still don t do it or don t do it fully. Why might you want to use multitasking Here are a few scenarios when you might want to use multitasking on your iPhone: Copy and paste from one app (Mail) to another (Calendar). Answer a phone call or reply to an SMS message, then jump back into the game you were playing without missing a beat. Continue listening to Internet radio (such as Pandora or Slacker) while checking your e-mail or browsing the Web.
his chapter compares C# to other languages. C#, C++, and Java all share common roots and are more similar to each other than they are to many other languages. Visual Basic isn t as similar to C# as the other languages are, but it still shares many syntactical elements. Also, this chapter discusses the .NET versions of Visual C++ and Visual Basic, since they re also somewhat different than their predecessors.
Listing 7.1 Setting the EnableReportDesignClientDownload property of the Reporting Service
In this chapter, I ll assume that you re familiar with indexes, and more specifically with the differences between clustered and nonclustered indexes. I ll also assume that you have some experience with query tuning.
value.booleanValue() value.byteValue() value.charValue() value.shortValue() value.intValue() value.longValue() value.floatValue() value.doubleValue()
To populate a table region, drag and drop these dataset fields.
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