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Another, less frequently used way of doing this is by using the special endof-parameters parameter which is two hyphens back to back, as in -- . Everything after this sequence will be treated as an argument, even if it looks like a parameter. For example, using -- we could also write out the string -inputobject without using quotes by doing:
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SSIS performance tips
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Note To drag and drop placeholder controls onto the template file, the template file
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High availability with database mirroring
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namespace MvvmApplication.Tests { [TestClass] public class Tests { [TestMethod] public void TestToMakeSureTrueIsActuallyTrue() { Assert.IsTrue(true); } [TestMethod]
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} else { return e1[2] > e2[2] -1 : 1; } }; console.dir(pirates.sort(sortByLosses));
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You can see how LINQ to XML streamlines the creation of simple XML documents such as RSS feeds. This is why you re likely to use LINQ to XML everywhere XML is required. We d demonstrate other uses of LINQ to XML, but we have other LINQ flavors to cover. Let s see how LINQ to DataSet can be useful in an application like LinqBooks.
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sage just keep going. Continue For nonterminating problems, display an error message and keep going. Inquire For nonterminating problems, ask what to do using an interactive prompt to which the user must respond. Stop Stop executing and throw an exception.
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If you use the Application.ThreadException event any unhandled thread exceptions, except for ThreadAbortException, that are generated on the main thread of the application will be captured. Recall that ThreadAbortException is raised when Abort is called on the thread. If the Application s ThreadException handler handled the ThreadAbortException it would be impossible to call Abort on a thread and have the thread terminate.
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Table 3.2 shows how the major standard query operators are mapped to the new C# and VB.NET query expression keywords.
TreeNode(string label); TreeNode(string label, TreeNode[] childNodes); TreeNode(string label, int imageIndex, int selectedImageIndex);
protected void menuImage_ChildClick (object sender, System.EventArgs e) { . . . switch (_selectedMode) { default: case DisplayMode.ScaleToFit: case DisplayMode.StretchToFit: SetStyle(ControlStyles.ResizeRedraw, true); Invalidate(); break; . . . } . . . }
Reflection has been fully updated to handle generics. Many new methods and properties deal with the potential that any given type or method parameter could be a generic type. The simplest way to determine if a particular type is generic is the new property of Type called IsGenericTypeDefinition. This property will return true only if the type is generic and the generic types haven t been bound to a nongeneric type: class Program { static void Main(string[] args) { List<int> l = new List<int>(); //will be false bool b1 = l.GetType().IsGenericTypeDefinition; //will be true bool b2 = l.GetType().GetGenericTypeDefinition().IsGenericTypeDefinition; } } In this case, the IsGenericTypeDefinition returns false for the type List<int>, which is a type that doesn t have any generic parameters. You can use the method GetGenericTypeDefinition() to get a reference from the constructed type List<int> back to the unbound generic type List<T>. The IsGenericTypeDefinition property returns true for this unbound generic type. You can access the generic arguments for a type or method via the GetGenericArguments() method. Consider the following generic type: class MyGenericClass<T> { } You can display the generic parameter with the following code: static void DumpGenericTypeParams(Type t) { if (t.IsGenericTypeDefinition) { foreach (Type genericType in t.GetGenericArguments()) { Console.WriteLine(genericType.Name); } } } The output from this code when run against MyGenericClass<T> is simply as follows:
USE tempdb ; GO --create a test table CREATE TABLE dbo.Test ( col1 INT ,col2 CHAR(25) ,col3 VARCHAR(4000) ) ; --create some test data DECLARE @cnt INT ; SET @cnt = 0 ;
% perl 1 1 localhost 4444 over-beg % perl 1 1 localhost 4444 over-end
The Add Connection page for the user profile information
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