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<Canvas> <CanvasItem Left = "40" Top="40"> <Button>Button1</Button> </CanvasItem> </Canvas>
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The flavor of LINQ that may have the biggest impact on application architecture is probably LINQ to SQL. This is why it s worth spending time thinking about the traditional three-tier architecture and how LINQ to SQL fits in the picture.
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What if the crash your testers are reporting is extremely rare and you ve never seen it yourself Fixing a bug can really be done only once you know how the bug happens in the first place. The first thing you should do is attempt to reproduce the crash. Sometimes when you get a crash log from a tester, they will have sent you very detailed reproduction steps to make the crash happen, and therefore you ll be able to reproduce it easily. However, often you ll get an email that says, I was doing something, and it crashed. I think it was after I hit this button. Sometimes you might get nothing at all. If this is the only person who has ever seen the crash and it happened only once, you might have trouble reproducing (reproing) the bug. If you have a symbolicated crash log, it s the only thing you have to go on, so use it. If you have a crash log from a rarely occurring crash, here are some things you want to think about while you re examining the crash log: Which thread is crashing Which app system the crash occurred in Race conditions
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To get the actual type, you use typeForStatement:column:, like so:
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Aggregation (continued)
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Listing 16.13 Updates to the EmployeeListViewModel class
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firstPress: LINQ to XML
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The Universal Feed Parser by Mark Pilgrim is written in Python. We re mentioning it in this book, which focuses on C# and Java, because it s probably the most powerful and popular newsfeed parser around. The Universal Feed Parser can parse all forms of RSS and Atom. It can handle 50 different extension modules. It s supported by more than 2,000 unit tests. The parser s main claim to fame is that it can parse just about anything. It s a liberal parser, which means it s very forgiving of errors in newsfeeds. Let s take a look at the example we ve been using in this chapter, but this time in Python with the Universal Feed Parser. The Python script below is all it takes to parse any version of RSS or Atom and print out the title, description, link, and date for each item.
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Edit Info.plist: a. b. Enter the app s Bundle ID in the Bundle identifier field. Optionally require Game Kit by adding a Boolean value labeled gamekit to the UIRequiredDeviceCapabilities list.
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749 linear interpolation 656 linear keyframe types 656 LinearColorKeyFrame class 656 LinearDoubleKeyFrame 656 LinearGradientBrush class 526 528, 681 animation 650 declared as a resource 671 LinearPointKeyFrame 656 LineBreak flow control element 210 LineGeometry class 521 comparison with Line 521 LineHeight property 214 LineSegment class 523 links adding to top menu 389 LINQ and web services 419 XLINQ 362 to XML 360 LINQ to XML 14, 360 parsing with 15 ListBox data binding 275 ListBox class 246 248 control templates 689 defining items at design time 247 defining look and feel 247 selecting items 248 ListBox control binding 16 ListBoxItem class 247 Load method 43, 365 load progress monitoring 727 Loaded event 584, 653 LoadedData event 509 LoadSize property 486 local file access 113 115 reading from files 114 writing to files 115 local values value precedence 28 LocalMessageReceiver object 377 LocalMessageSender object 378 Location API 117 logical trees XE 35
So far, you ve built a reasonably useful application that serves its basic purpose: telling a user when the next train will arrive at the nearest station. However, there are a few easily implementable details that will add a bit of extra usefulness to Routesy. The default cell style on
For users used to the comforts of the Mac desktop, learning to use the Unix command line and the many powerful tools it offers can be a bit intimidating at first. Fortunately, plenty of assistance is available.
The order in which columns are assigned to a table style determines the order in which they will appear in the data grid. We will use this feature to extend the table style we created for our form to display only a subset of the available columns. The code to make this change is detailed in the following table. Note that this code uses the DataGridBoolColumn and DataGridTextBoxColumn classes. We will discuss these classes in more detail in a moment.
PS (8) > read-host "Enter some text" Enter some text: some text some text
Table 12.5 Value Possible values for LabelPosition and the resulting display Result
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