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In the server window, you should see the results shown in figure 5.8.
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HelloService1 The default constructor simply stores the URL of the service. Url is a public read/write property. Greet This is the method we call to invoke the service synchronously. It calls SoapHttpClientProtocol s protected Invoke method. It passes the name of the remote method and the name argument, storing the returned string in the first element of the results array and returning it to the caller. As you can see, this arrangement shields the developer from the details of the underlying SOAP/XML/HTTP processing required to actually make the remote call. BeginGreet This is the method we call to invoke the service asynchronously. In a loosely coupled, widely distributed environment such as the Web, we cannot be guaranteed that remote calls will return promptly, or at all. Using asynchronous calls will prevent the client from blocking while waiting for a response, and allow it to proceed with other tasks. We ll look at an example of asynchronous Web service invocation later in this chapter. EndGreet This method is called to retrieve the result of an asynchronous request. 6.5.2 Coding the client Now that we have a proxy class, we need to create a client which uses it to invoke the service. Listing 6.5 presents a client, helloclient1.cs, for this purpose.
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Figure 12.4 Customized EditTemplate showing the CheckBox label to the right of the CheckBox
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Interacting with toolbar buttons. Creating and managing image lists. Providing tool tips for controls in a form. We begin our discussion with toolbars.
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Use the ColumnHeader Collection Editor dialog. 2 Modify the LoadAlbumData method to initially clear the existing contents of the control. Reset the fields that track the current album.
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In order for the Genius feature to work correctly, iTunes needs to understand the types of music and videos you have in your library. It will use this information to help make suggestions on similar artists or videos that you don t yet own, but might want to purchase. When this step is done, you will see a final success screen similar to the one shown in Figure 30 19. Now you are ready to start using the Genius feature!
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Figure 2 1. Typing with two thumbs while holding the iPhone vertically.
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This was the job that I started by using Invoke-Command. As always, the cmdlet has added the PSComputerName property so that I can keep track of which object came from which computer. Because I retrieved the results from the top-level job, this included all of the computers that I specified, so this command will sort them on the computer name and then create an individual table group for each computer.
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There s a lot of latitude to the basic MVC model. Roles can blend or use alternate communication paths. The next few sections describe the significant variants.
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Figure 6 24. shift() removes and returns the first element in an array. Note that shift() modifies pirates, too, by shifting the contents down one place in the array every time it is invoked. This means that element 0 is removed, element 1 becomes element 0, and so on. So, after invoking shift() three times in a row, pirates has just 15 elements rather than 18 as Figure 6 25 displays. var pirates = [[2010, 57, 105], [2009, 62, 99], [2008, 67, 95], [2007, 68, 94], [2006, 67, 95], [2005, 67, 95], [2004, 72, 89], [2003, 75, 87], [2002, 72, 89], [2001, 62, 100], [2000, 69, 93], [1999, 78, 83],
VIEW.alpha = 0.0; [MASTERVIEW addSubview:VIEW]; [UIView beginAnimations:nil context:nil]; [UIView setAnimationDuration:ANIM_NORMAL]; VIEW.alpha = 1.0; [UIView commitAnimations];
Figure 7-6. Code completion placeholders
object o = new System.Object(); string s = "Mary had a little lamb"; int[] a = {1, 2, 3};
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The techniques we ve covered in this section allow you to manipulate the functions defined in your current session. As with any drive, you can list the functions, create new ones, delete them, and rename them. But regardless, all these functions will disappear when the session ends and you exit PowerShell. What about permanent functions How do you define those This is where scripts come in, and we ll cover that topic next.
Now that we have an application pool, we need to set up a virtual directory within a website. To create a virtual directory, right-click the website in which you want the application to reside. Choose New > Virtual Directory to open the Virtual Directory Creation Wizard. Now enter the alias name for your virtual directory. In my example I ve used the Default Web Site and used an alias of Delegation for the name of the virtual directory. Continue by specifying the path to the website s ASP.NET code. Next ensure that you choose the permission Run Scripts (such as ASP), then choose Next and Finish.
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