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Although we want to perform a simple task, several steps and verbose code are required. Queries are expressed as quoted strings B, which means they bypass all kinds of compile-time checks. What if the string does not contain a valid SQL query What if a column has been renamed in the database The same applies for the parameters C and for the result sets D: they are loosely defined. Are the columns of the type we expect Also, are we sure we re using the correct number of parameters Are the names of the parameters in sync between the query and the parameter declarations The classes we use are dedicated to SQL Server and cannot be used with another database server. Naturally, we could use DbConnection and its friends to avoid this issue, but that would solve only half of the problem. The real problem is that SQL has many vendor-specific dialects and data types. The SQL we write for a given DBMS is likely to fail on a different one.
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Figure 11-3. Model with per-vertex specular highlights. Not pretty!
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Data binding for Windows Forms applications Using LINQ in a Windows Forms application isn t more difficult than with ASP.NET in a web application. We ll show you how to do the same kind of databinding operations between LINQ query results and standard Windows Forms controls in a sample application. We ll proceed the same way we did with ASP.NET. We ll build a sample application step by step, starting with the creation of a new project.
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What Is Included in the Box
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Scripting iChat
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CHAPTER 12: Categories
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Figure 19 1. Entering a new contact name
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Second, to tell RS that you want to use an expression, you must prefix the expression text with an equal sign (=). I ve personally forgotten about this rule countless times! The Report Designer reacts in different ways to remind you about this rule. For example, if you type the expression in the Properties window, an invalid property exception dialog is shown. Or, it won t complain at all for textbox values. In this case, the Report Designer will assume that you are entering static text, which will be shown as-is when the report is rendered. Besides these two rules, your expression syntax needs to comply with the syntax of VB.NET. For VB.NET language reference, please check the VS.NET product documentation. 5.1.3 Determining expression execution order The Report Server has a rule processor that involves some sophisticated decision making to determine the order in which the expressions are executed. For the lack of a better term, we will refer to it as an expression sequence processor. When the processor parses expressions, it also discovers any interdependencies that may exist and ranks the expressions accordingly. For example, say you have three textbox items, A, B, and C, inside a list region. A gets its value from a dataset field. B references A, and C references B. The expression sequence processor will discover that these expressions are interdependent and sort their execution order accordingly. In our example, the value of A will be set first, followed by the values of B and then C. If the expressions are not interdependent, our experiments show that they are executed sequentially according to their location in the report. For example, expressions that set properties of the Body band are executed before the expressions in items located in the body section. Is this important Well, knowing the order in which the expression will be executed allows you to write pseudo events to do some preprocessing to compensate for the lack of real events in Reporting Services. 145
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protected FlowDocument CopyFlowDocument(FlowDocument originalDoc) { string xmlDoc = XamlWriter.Save(originalDoc); StringReader stringReader = new StringReader(xmlDoc); XmlReader xmlReader = XmlReader.Create(stringReader); FlowDocument newDoc = (FlowDocument)XamlReader.Load(xmlReader); return newDoc; }
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You ll need to trust the user account for delegation under which the IIS Application pool runs. You accomplish this with the Active Directory User and Computers management console. Select either Trust This User for Delegation to Any Service (Kerbe-
Commands that run into unexpected problems while performing a task will usually generate an error to let the script know that something has gone wrong. For example, unless you happen to have a thousand folders in your home folder, the open command in the following script will raise an error when you try to run it: tell application "Finder" open folder 1000 of home end tell The message describing this error is Finder got an error: Can t get folder 1000 of home. As well as a human-readable description, other information such as error number codes and the value that caused the problem may be provided, allowing scripts to work out what the problem is and try to sort it out themselves, if they want. I ll discuss errors and error handling in much more detail in 17.
Build and Go! Er, Not So Fast...
This class provides two static methods to perform the operations needed by your PlaceBid() method. The FindById() method B loads items. Note that pessimistic locking isn t an option here because you re opening and closing sessions in several places, and you may want the lock to span all these operations (something we haven t allowed for here, but we ll get to that). To retrieve the highest bid amount, you can use the GetMaxBidAmount() method C. The MakePersistent() method D can be used to save items. Whether GetMaxBidAmount() belongs on an ItemDAO or a BidDAO is a matter of taste; but because the argument is an Item identifier, it seems to naturally belong
Scrolling to Infinity and Beyond
Weather icon will show you the next six days of weather forecasts for your area. It is easy to set up your location and other locations to check their weather on the Weather icon.
Listin g 9-6. Assigning an Object to an Opaque Pointer
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