Basic Troubleshooting
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CHAPTER 5: Moving, Docking, and Deleting Icons
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import com.sun.syndication.feed.module.content.ContentModule;
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return num1 + num2;
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Testing the stateful service
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Circle has its own draw method, so we say it overrides draw. Objective-C makes
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Welcome to Mac OS X
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our implementation is that we will use the Photograph class explicitly rather than the more generic object. Since a Photograph is still an object instance, a construct that requires an IList instance will still be able to use our PhotoAlbum object. This may seem a bit boring and tedious, but it needs to be done for a complete implementation. Note that C# does not support C++ style templates at this time, which would have been handy for implementing this and other interfaces.
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Option keys together with keys such as the arrow keys, K, C, R, D, M, U, H, and the spacebar. If you think your users are likely to use VoiceOver, then you obviously need to avoid using these key combinations for any other purpose. Mouse Keys allows you to use the keyboard to move the mouse around. There are some predefined keys for moving in different directions, and for clicking, holding and releasing the mouse button (see Table 14 1). The main concern is to not risk using these keys for navigation purposes in your application.
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PS (10) > $disks[0] DeviceID DriveType ProviderName FreeSpace Size VolumeName : : : : : : C: 3 95329701888 241447768064 C_Drive
Searching and monitoring the Web
11.3.4 Path versus XPath Both Path and XPath provide a way to reference the bit of data we want out of our current item, but they have somewhat different applications. For example, you can think of our ListBox as showing a list of XmlNodes. We use the XPath notation to select the name attribute from each of those nodes. But XmlNode is an object with properties. If we wanted to access the value of a property of the XmlNode object (ignoring the fact that it happens to hold XML), we could use the Path notation. For example, if we wanted to get the OuterXml (a property of XmlNode), we could do it by specifying the following:
User user = (User) session.Get(typeof(User), uid); BillingDetails bd = user.BillingDetails; Assert.IsFalse( bd is CreditCard ); CreditCard cc = (CreditCard) bd;
Glenn Berry
Dim title as String = "NHibernate in Action" Dim author as String = "Pierre Kuate" Dim publisher as String = "Manning" Dim xml As XElement = <book> <title><%= title %></title> <author><%= author %></author> <publisher><%= publisher %></publisher> </book>
<item> <title>Review of LINQ in Action by Steve Eichert</title> <description>This is an amazing book!...and I'm not biased! </description> </item> </channel> </rss>
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