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Implementing FileCatcher
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IUrlConnection connection
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Figure 11 3. Adding a test case class to the TemperatureConverter project
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The update statistics task uses the UPDATE STATISTICS command, which can improve performance for your queries by providing the optimizer with more accurate statistics for the data in your tables. A database option is available that will cause this to be performed automatically, but that does not kick in until you have modified about 20 percent of the data for a column. The more data you sample, the more accurate the statistics will be, but the longer the statistics collection will take. A full scan, which samples 100 percent of the rows, delivers the most accurate statistics, but it obviously takes the most time.
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sent as plaintext.
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CHAPTER 4: Bluetooth on the iPhone 4
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CHAPTER 27: Games and Fun
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Once you have the data model in place, build the solution to get all the types loaded, and continue with the rest of the sample in the chapter.
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Here are the key/value pair encodings.
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Note Templates can t be deleted if pages based on the template still exist.
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And we promise that you won t see any more of Terminal for the rest of this chapter.
As you can see from these examples, using wget from the command line is straightforward. However, wget has roughly 70 options. If you re like me, keeping track of the basic commands is easy, but I have to look up the subtle ones each time. Adding a Cocoa interface to wget makes the program options easy to locate, and also makes the program accessible to users who are not comfortable with the UNIX command line. In addition, it is a nice example of how you can leverage the power of existing programs to create new programs something UNIX people do all the time.
DEFINITION Refactoring is the act of changing the code s design without breaking
In this code, if the resources for the dlg variable disappeared after the ShowDialog method returned, you could not access any of its settings. For this reason, .NET only calls the Hide method after a user responds to a modal dialog, so that the dialog settings may still be accessed. This can be a little confusing since we still say the user closes the dialog, even though the dialog s Close method is not actually called. Fortunately, modal dialog boxes tend to have deterministic scope, meaning that you can predict when the dialog will be created and destroyed. The application waits until the user responds to a modal dialog, so it s clear where the Dispose method must be called. We have already seen this method used with OpenFileDialog and SaveFileDialog objects in chapter 6, both of which are modal dialogs. The C# language provides a using statement to call Dispose on our behalf in deterministic situations such as this. We have seen how the using directive defines an alias or shortcut for an object or members of a namespace. The using statement defines the scope in which a given object should exist. The syntax is as follows:
Specifying the report page, group breaks, and detail elements
using System; using System.Reflection; [assembly:AssemblyKeyFile(@"..\key.snk")] [assembly:AssemblyVersion("")] public class Person { public Person(string firstName, string lastName, int age) { AssemblyName aName = GetType().Assembly.GetName(); Console.WriteLine("----------------------"); Console.WriteLine("name : {0}", aName.Name); Console.WriteLine("version : {0}", aName.Version); Console.WriteLine("----------------------"); FirstName = firstName; LastName = lastName; Age = age; } public readonly string FirstName; public readonly string LastName; public readonly int Age; }
( ) Hyperlinks to static URLs in rows and column groups only
Windows Forms applications are often referred to as rich clients. This term emphasizes the fact that this type of application enjoys the full feature set of the operating system on which it runs. The main characteristics of a rich client are as follows: Feature-rich UI, including drag and drop, toolbars and menus, animation, and so on Easier to implement than its web-based counterpart Implementing rich client features in web-based applications could be difficult if not impossible. Unrestricted security permissions When installed locally, WinForm applications enjoy unrestricted permissions, while web-based applications and downloaded controls are usually sandboxed. Access to all hardware resources and peripherals, such as drives, printers, scanners, and ports
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