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The name of a font, for example, Times New Roman. If the TextStyle is determined by an .shx file, this parameter holds an empty string. Determines if the text will be bold. If this value is set to True, the text will be bold. Otherwise, the text style isn t bold. Determines if the text will be italicized. If this value is set to True, the text will be italic. Otherwise, the text style isn t italic.
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CCTMXTiledMap* tileMap = [CCTMXTiledMap tiledMapWithTMXFile:@"orthogonal.tmx"]; [self addChild:tileMap z:-1 tag:TileMapNode]; CCTMXLayer* eventLayer = [tileMap layerNamed:@"GameEventLayer"]; eventLayer.visible = NO;
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Table 14.2 The task map for programmatically firing a subscription Task Create INSERT table trigger Description Write an ON INSERT table trigger attached to the Product table that will fire when a new product is added. Inside the trigger, call a custom web method called FireSubscription. Pass the report and user identity with which the subscription is associated. Get the list of subscriptions associated with the report-user combination.
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his chapter covers some miscellaneous details about the language, including how to use the Main() function, how the preprocessor works, and how to write literal values.
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Figure 14.1 Two Silverlight control instances on the same page, communicating with each other
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Much like the FontStyle property, the TextDecorations property has more options in WPF the reason why it has such an abstract name. The next property is more line or paragraph-oriented: TextWrapping.
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Assuming that you have already downloaded the SDK and installed Interface Builder, Xcode, and the iPhone/iPad Simulator, open up your Mac and click the Xcode icon on your dock. Your screen should look similar to Figure 1 9. Up pops the Welcome to Xcode window; it includes all your iPhone and iPad resources.
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CHAPTER 12: Physics Engines
You see your iPhone listed here under DEVICES.
The Scripts tab allows you to define scripts that need to run either before or after this content component (your application may have a number of components and you may want one or more of these to have pre- or post-installation steps). You don t need to change anything here. So really, so far, all you have had to change was file ownership. And since there is just one component in this installation, that s it, right
Zooming In and Out
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