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You know what has always bugged me about Windows I ve spent years memorizing all of these non-intuitive commands, like Dir and Cd, and they re only good in one place: the filesystem. The filesystem is a hierarchical database you probably don t think of the filesystem as a database, but it definitely is. Windows contains lots of other hierarchical databases the registry comes to mind, as does Active Directory, and there are others so why can t I use the same commands to manage those databases Why can t I do any of these:
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private void pboxSlide_Paint (object sender, System.Windows.Forms.PaintEventArgs e) { if (_albumPos >= _album.Count) return; Photograph photo = _album[_albumPos]; if (photo != null) { this.Text = String.Format("{0} ({1:#}/{2:#})", photo.Caption, _albumPos + 1, _album.Count); e.Graphics.DrawImage(photo.Image, photo.ScaleToFit( pboxSlide.ClientRectangle)); } else e.Graphics.Clear(SystemColors.Control); } private void slideTimer_Tick (object sender, System.EventArgs e) {
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11.5.2 Manual failover
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Defining role assignments Now that we have set up the security entities, it is time to define the security policy by assigning roles to users. A role assignment can include Windows groups, individual Windows user accounts, as well as application groups. We used the application groups that we defined previously to create the following role assignments: role_Browser, which has the Sales Representatives application group assigned to it role_Admin, which has the Sales Managers application group assigned to it We have finished configuring the Enterprise Reporting Fa ade authorization store! Now it is time to write some code to enforce authorization checks in the Reporting Fa ade layer. To implement this we will create a Security Manager class that will wrap the AzMan API. 13.3.2 Securing the AW Enterprise Reporter This is how the Reporting Fa ade uses the Security Manager layer at a high level: Step 1 The facade calls SecurityManager.GetApplicationUser to get a User entity object. This object contains only the operations (reports) that the user is permitted to run. Step 2 The fa ade then passes the serialized copy of the User object to the report consumer. Step 3 The consumer can then proceed with configuring the application s security elements (menus, buttons, and so on) by checking whether the appropriate operations are among those found in the User object, as we explained in section 13.2.2. Initializing the authorization store The SecurityManager class has a static constructor that performs two initialization tasks. First, it retrieves the authorization store s URL from the application s configuration file and initializes the store. In our case, the authorization store is the AWReporter.xml file we created previously. Second, because a store can span several applications, the code instructs AzMan to open the application we need. Creating a security principal Similarly to the .NET security model, we need to implement an object to represent the user and hold the user-specific security settings. This is done in the GetApplicationUser method, as shown in listing 13.5.
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Table 3.1 Family
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That is all we need to do in Interface Builder, so save the nib by pressing close it and go back to Xcode.
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Table 9.4 Test accounts and groups needed to run the role-based security sample Login ID Michael9 David8 Ashvini0 Password Michael9 David8 Ashvini0 Description Sales Manager Sales Representative Network Administrator Windows group AW Sales Managers, Users AW Sales, Users AW Sales Admin, Users
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CHAPTER 21 Deprecated features (continued) Deprecated feature
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We see that there are. Now let s see if the value stored in the first element of the array is what we expect. It should be the quiet level.
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ErrorForegroundColor ErrorBackgroundColor WarningForegroundColor WarningBackgroundColor DebugForegroundColor DebugBackgroundColor VerboseForegroundColor VerboseBackgroundColor ProgressForegroundColor ProgressBackgroundColor
functions public Int64 AudioDurationFromBufferSize( UInt32 cbAudioDataSize) { if (AvgBytesPerSec == 0) return 0; return (Int64)(cbAudioDataSize * 10000000 / AvgBytesPerSec); }
We live in a connected world. Wireless Internet (Wi-Fi) access has become the rule, not the exception chances are you re already using Wi-Fi at your home or office. Now you can use it to connect your iPad. And if your iPad has a 3G radio, you can also connect to the Internet anywhere you have cellular data coverage a much wider area than Wi-Fi networks. In this chapter we ll talk about the differences between the two types of connections for your iPad: Wi-Fi (wireless local area network) and 3G (cellular service the wide area data network used by your mobile phone). We ll show you all the ways to get connected or disconnected from these two types of networks. There may be times you want to disable or turn off your 3G connection and only use Wi-Fi to save money in data connection charges. The beauty of the iPad is that it has wireless Internet access built in. Once you connect your iPad to a wireless (Wi-Fi or 3G) network, you can be sending e-mail and surfing the Web in minutes. And once you discover all the great apps and books available, you ll never want to be disconnected again. NOTE: Your iPad may not have a 3G connection. Some iPads come with only the Wi-Fi connection and do not have the ability to connect to a 3G cellular network. How do you know which iPad you have A 3G-enabled iPad will have a black plastic strip along the top edge which shows more prominently along the back side of the iPad to aid in data reception.
As with most XML documents, the first line of the WSDL document declares that this document is XML. The root node of WSDL documents is called <definitions>. This element contains a few namespace definitions that describe the prefixes and standards with which this document complies. The first group of sections of your WSDL document is called abstract definitions and contains three subsections: Types, Messages, and Port Types. The first section, Types, is implemented by the first child element and is named <types> in the WSDL document. This element contains two child elements for each of your methods. The first element, <s:element name="Add">, describes the method and the parameters that are passed to it. The second element, <s:element name="AddResponse">, describes the data types that the method will return. Next is the Messages section, which is represented by <message> tags. There are two <message> tags for each method in your web service. Each <message> tag contains one <part> tag for each parameter being passed to your method. Next is the Port Type section, which is represented by the <portType> element. Inside this element is an <operation name="Add"> element, which defines the operation (or method) names in our web service. This is SOAP s equivalent to declaring a method in code, as shown here:
TRY IT NOW You ll want to follow along with these examples, so that you can
Console.WriteLine(xml) End Sub End Module
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