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PS (1) > "Hello world!".substring(0,5) Hello
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Secure by default In this section, we ll go over the elements of the PowerShell installation process that are intended to meet the requirement that it be secure by default. Secure by default means that simply installing PowerShell on a system should not introduce any security issues. The default file association for PowerShell is Notepad File association is the way Windows figures out what application to launch as the default handler for files having a particular extension. For many scripting languages, the default association launches the interpreter for that language. This has led to many virus outbreaks. With PowerShell, the default file association for the .ps1 extension is notepad.exe. This means that if an attacker does manage to get a script onto your computer and you accidentally double-click on this script, instead of executing the script, it will open up in Notepad, at which point you can review the hacker s code. Or just delete the script. No remote access to PowerShell There is no remote access to PowerShell. That is, there is no way for an external user to directly invoke the PowerShell engine. In order to remotely execute PowerShell code, the attacker has to leverage some other mechanism to allow them to access PowerShell.
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Composing SMS Text Messages
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else { last = sqrt( candidate ); for ( i = 2; i <= last; i++ ) { if ( (candidate % i) == 0 ) return false; } }
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myInt = ( 5 + 3 ) * 2;
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Java has special syntax for explicit constructor invocation, whereby a constructor can invoke a specific superclass constructor with parameters (super(param)) or an alternate constructor (this(param)). Naturally, Objective-C doesn t have any special syntax for this, but the principle is the same. The class RepeatableSequence, shown in Listing 3-18, is a subclass of RandomSequence, shown in Listing 3-17. The init methods for RepeatableSequence build on the init methods in its superclass as well as the other methods in RepeatableSequence.
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using System; using System.Collections; namespace CooperativeMultitasking { public class Sharing { public bool timeToStop=false;
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GUI. Next, suppose you have replaced all occurrences and saved the file from
The end-user experience An end-user visiting your site will see a typical Silverlight application. If the application is out-of-browser enabled, he or she will be able to right-click on the surface to install it locally, assuming you ve left that capability intact. In addition, you may provide a onscreen button to perform the installation without requiring the right click. The default experience is shown in figure 5.3.
Where are photo albums stored Even though you may allow the user to select any location on disk, it is a good idea to encourage a standard location for the files in your application. In our case, this location is specified by the static DefaultDir property in the PhotoAlbum class. What is the file extension The selection of extension is a bit subjective. On Windows platforms, the following conventions normally apply: Use three-letter extensions. The one exception is .html files for HTML files, but even here the .htm extension is preferred. Keep the first letter. Typically, the first letter of the type of file should be the first letter of your extension. In our case, the extension for album file should begin with the letter a .
A first unit test
I have picked some of the groups you are likely to find useful from the start for a closer look.
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