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The user interface should be orderly and intuitive, and should follow the guidelines outlined in Inside Mac OS X: Aqua Human Interface Guidelines.
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Task 6-15. Copying/Moving Channels
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Figure 5-5. The Advanced Criteria dialog for the Criteria tab From this screen, you can specify query values to match an event against. To get a list of field criteria, click the down arrow in the Field text box. From the drop-down list, select a field. To get a list of matching conditions, click the down arrow in the Criteria text box. From the drop-down list, select a condition. The values that you can select are shown in Figure 5-6. You can combine the field, condition, and value criteria to create a custom template that you can use to match events against. A common field-condition combination to use would be the Description field and the contains substring condition. You would then enter a value that you expect to see in the event description. The matches wildcard condition is also very useful, since you can use standard wildcard values such as * and # to make your query more specific. You can also use multiple criteria in one query. For example, you might use the Event Number field, the matches wildcard condition, and the value 600#; or you might use the Description field, the contains substring condition, and the value Event Log. The first query, for example, would match any events with event number 600x and a description that contains the text Event Log. For each field, condition, and value that you see in the list, click the Add to List button. Here you can see how powerful MOM rules can be when you use the options in the Advanced Criteria dialog.
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class ALC { public static void Main(string[] args) { Console.WriteLine("Arithmetic Language Compiler..."); if (args.Length != 1) { Console.WriteLine("usage: alc"); return; } new ALC(args[0]); // launch AL compiler } public ALC(string filePath) { ... init(); ... } ... private string inFile; private string outFile; private private private private AssemblyBuilder alcAsm; ModuleBuilder alcMod; TypeBuilder alcCls; ILGenerator alcILG;
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All local pizza restaurants will be mapped. 3. 4. Notice that each mapped location may have a Street View icon on the left and the information icon on the right. If you want to zoom in or out, you can pinch the screen open or closed, or you can double-tap the screen.
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Note: This code relies on the .NET Framework to display this value in the control and deal with an empty or null string.
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Developing NHibernate applications
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PS (1) > select-help property Clear-ItemProperty: Removes the property value from a property. Copy-ItemProperty: Copies a property between locations or namesp aces. Get-ItemProperty: Retrieves the properties of an object. Move-ItemProperty: Moves a property from one location to another . New-ItemProperty: Sets a new property of an item at a location. Remove-ItemProperty: Removes a property and its value from the l ocation. Rename-ItemProperty: Renames a property of an item. Set-ItemProperty: Sets a property at the specified location to a specified value. PS (2) >
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