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break; case 10: name = break; case 17: name = break; case 34: name = break; case 43: name = break; case 83: name = break; case 86: name = break; case 92: name = break; case 94: name = break; case 96: name = break; default: name = break;
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Text Editing, Fonts & Colors, and Indentation
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'' draw the Outer loop (circle) ReDim varOuter(0) Set varOuter(0) = .AddCircle(varCenter, dblRadius)
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The .NET framework has good networking capabilities, but I suspect that the name came out of the marketing frenzy during the first Internet bubble: .NET 1.0 was released in 2001. At that time, people with calling everything dot-something. I m surprised we didn t end up with .Coke or Pepsi.NET or some other silliness.
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As discussed earlier, you build up the new string by getting its existing value, concatenating the new text, and then storing the result in the same variable: set my_new_string to my_new_string & "sl" The last statement of the script, for lack of another use for the new-and-improved string, is as follows: display dialog my_new_string Now the dialog box should look like the one in Figure 3-10.
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Business applications use a popular, proven, high-level application architecture that comprises three layers: the presentation layer, the business layer, and the persistence layer. See figure 1.1. Let s take a closer look at the layers and elements in the diagram:
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var query = from book in SampleData.Books group book by book.Publisher;
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Filter out some processes from a collection of ProcessData objects using a helper method. Compute the total memory consumption of the processes using TotalMemory. Convert the memory consumption into megabytes using another helper method.
Figure 6 11. The main nib window shows a warning triangle after you remove outlets from a class. Clicking the triangle reveals details about the problems, and the Connections Inspector lets you remove the obsolete connections.
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