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.NET Framework Overview
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Directing where things go with the move of your fingertips you ll learn here how that s done.
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Understanding the control base types Working with button controls Working with items controls Creating your own UserControls Implementing dependency properties
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There may be times when none of the controls provided within Silverlight contain the functionality you need. For these situations, you may want to consider creating a reusable control. A reusable control can be useful when you want something more than UI enhancements. After all, these types of enhancements can be provided with the style and template features discussed in chapter 23. A reusable control allows you to reuse functionality not found in a preexisting control. For instance, imagine wanting to create a TextBox Figure 10.1 A TextBox that can be locked by a user and looks like figure 10.1. that can be locked This figure shows a control that provides functionality beyond a basic TextBox. This control adds an image that projects whether the TextBox can be edited. Although the desired functionality is easy to implement, you may not want to recreate it every time; this provides an excellent opportunity to create a reusable control. Now, imagine wanting to name this control LockableTextBox to use it in other projects. To do this, you must create an instance of the UserControl class. UserControls are intended for simple reuse. You want to be able to compose a control in the designer but not to worry about enabling templating or other advanced control functionality. We ll discuss templating in greater detail in section 23.3 but, for now, understand that the template for a UserControl is the XAML file you create with it. The UserControl type itself is similar to ContentControl. Like ContentControl, it can have only a single item of content in the Content property. In the default item template in Visual Studio, that content is a grid, as shown in listing 10.11.
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While this may not be the prettiest image printing application, it does demonstrate some important principles, such as using the page margins and text wrapping. We will present the changes in two parts, one for each of our ParentForm and MainForm objects. 18.1.1 USING THE PRINT CLASSES The parent form will make direct use of the print classes previously mentioned, contain the menu items for printing, and maintain the required PrintDocument object. Placing the print document on the parent form ensures that any changes made to the page margins or other document settings are seen by all child forms in the application. The following tables detail the changes required on the parent form.
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protected override void OnClosing (CancelEventArgs e) { SaveChanges(); base.OnClosing(e); }
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XML Documentation
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<Window x:Class="WorldBrowser.WorldBrowserMain" xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/winfx/2006/xaml/presentation" xmlns:x="http://schemas.microsoft.com/winfx/2006/xaml" xmlns:local="clr-namespace:WorldBrowser" Title="World Browser">
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Use the report s Properties page to manage the report.
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Select SelectMany
Listing 10.24 Retrieve the title, publisher, and authors for each book within the XML
The BeforeSelect event is useful when you may wish to cancel a selection based on the state or other settings related to a given node. Since we have no need to do this here, we will use the AfterSelect event to update the ListView control based on the selected node. The following table summarizes the types of nodes in our tree, how to identify each type, and what the ListView control should contain for each type.
CHAPTER 2: Extensions to C
Add this function to ISDatabase.h as well. Besides a little additional logging, the big difference here is the call to bindArguments:parameters:toStatement: after sqlite3_prepare_v2. As described, this function takes the array of parameters and binds them to the prepared statement:
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