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// Add this to the @interface section in the .h file - (IBAction)loadEasyWindow:(id)sender; // Add this to the @implementation section in the .m file - (IBAction)loadEasyWindow:(id)sender { NSWindowController *easyController = [[NSWindowController alloc] initWithWindowNibName:@"EasyWindow"]; [easyController window]; }
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eter and changes the contents of the text field to reflect that string value. That s the method we re using to change the text fields to something more interesting for users to look at. Now for the action methods first is uppercase:
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CHAPTER 8: How iTap Tackles the Challenges of Networking
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You only have three attempts.
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A much simpler execution plan involving only one table
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<ListView Name="pageList" ItemsSource= "{Binding ElementName=WikiDirectories, Path=SelectedItem.Pages}"> <ListView.ItemTemplate> <DataTemplate> <TextBlock Text="{Binding Path=Name}" /> </DataTemplate> </ListView.ItemTemplate> </ListView>
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Emailing a Picture
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Figure 12-6. The dialog box with the custom buttons If you use longer names for your buttons, AppleScript will produce a dialog box with wider buttons to try to accommodate your text. In OS X versions prior to Tiger (10.4), all buttons in the dialog box were stretched equally, and the widest button you could have was about 20 characters. In Tiger, buttons are made to fit the size of the button text, which means that if the button titles are longer than a few characters, each button will have its own size. If the titles of all buttons force the dialog box to be wider than 600 pixels, the button titles will get truncated from both ends. You have no way to change the font size or font style of the dialog box. For that kind of control, you need to upgrade your skills to the everything is possible land of AppleScript Studio, FaceSpan, or third-party scripting additions.
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Understanding the NHibernate type system
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PS (1) > $a=0 PS (2) > $x=($a++)
Photograph p = _album.CurrentPhoto; if (p != null) { txtPhotoFile.Text = p.FileName; txtCaption.Text = p.Caption; txtDate.Text = p.DateTaken.ToString(); cmbxPhotographer.SelectedItem = p.Photographer; txtNotes.Text = p.Notes; } } protected override bool SaveSettings() { Photograph p = _album.CurrentPhoto; if (p != null) { p.Caption = txtCaption.Text; // Ignore txtDate setting for now p.Photographer = cmbxPhotographer.Text; p.Notes = txtNotes.Text; } return true; }
ithin AutoCAD, you develop VBA programs in the Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) Integrated Development Environment (IDE). As it does with the Visual LISP IDE, Autodesk provides the VBAIDE as an integral part of many of its products, including AutoCAD. Unlike the Visual LISP IDE, however, Microsoft licenses the VBAIDE to Autodesk for inclusion in its products. Therefore, its features are from Microsoft, not Autodesk. This chapter explores the VBAIDE environment s facets and shows you how to take advantage of its tools. It covers these topics: Visual Basic concepts Starting the editor Exploring the user interface Managing projects Using the text editor The Object Browser
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