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Summer 2002
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A clear rule of thumb about response time is the more placeholders per page, the longer the processing time. Placeholder collections are treated like other MCMS collections (instantiates all placeholders per page).
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Although PreJIT does eliminate the overhead of the JIT process, it also produces code that runs slightly slower because it requires a level of indirection that isn t required with the normal JIT. So, the real benefit of PreJIT is to reduce the JIT overhead (and therefore the startup time) of a client application, and it isn t really terribly useful elsewhere. .NET 2.0 fixes the problem of needing to load two physical DLLs for each PreJITed assembly and also introduces more optimizations during the PreJIT phase. For developers who tried and rejected NGEN in .NET 1.x, it s worth reevaluating for .NET 2.0.
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14. Click the Settings icon to adjust the options, see your account type and trial expiration date (if you are on a free trial), and get help, or to check whether the MobileMe service is up and running.
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Figure 8.2 Policy-based management is found in SQL Server Management Studio under the Management node.
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size() get(int)
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CHAPTER 4: Core iPhone Tools
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The [RawXml] attribute has two properties. After tells which kind of mapping the XML should be inserted after; most of the time, it s the type of the attribute defined in the XML. This property is optional, in which case the XML is inserted on the top of the mapping. The second property is Content; it s the string containing the XML to include. Notice that in this example, you model the composition association as unidirectional. You can t navigate from Address to User. NHibernate supports both unidirectional and bidirectional compositions, but unidirectional composition is far more common. Here s an example of a bidirectional mapping:
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Observations, Tips, and Tricks
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The Business Data Catalog Web Parts look a little plain out of the box. Using Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer or XSL, you can pimp them up a bit and end up with a good-looking web part that also provides more functionality than the standard BDC Web Parts. The nice thing about Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer is that it generates XSL for you while you point and click your way to a nice-looking web part. Occasionally, you ll find you just can't achieve what you want to using SharePoint Designer, so we like to use SharePoint Designer first, then tweak the web part using XSL. In this example, we re going to use a Business Data List Web Part that s consuming a Production.Products entity from the Microsoft SQL Adventure Works sample database. The Production.Product entity consists of too many columns to display in one horizontal web part, and takes up too much space onscreen. Therefore, we re going to remove some of the columns before we apply any formatting:
You can drag and drop or delete icons.
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