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REPLACE THE GROUPBOX WITH A TABPAGE (continued) Action 5 Add a TabPage object within the tab control.
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Enter your information above, then click here.
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Full-trust proxies Solutions built for the sandbox are limited due to the policy restrictions. If you try to access web services or databases from your sandbox solutions, you ll be denied. You have three options if you need access to information available outside the sandbox from your user code solutions:
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Set Push to ON (default) to automatically have the server push data. Turn It OFF to conserve your battery life. Adjust the timing schedule to pull data from the server. This is how frequently applications should pull new data from the server.
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Indexing with a String Index
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11.3 Customizing the display
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<modifiers>opt event <delegate-type> <member-name> ; <modifiers>opt event <delegate-type> <member-name> { <event-accessors> }
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By default, the StartPoint property is set to represent the upper-left corner (0, 0) of this coordinate space. Conversely, the EndPoint defaults to represent the lowerright corner (1, 1) of the coordinate space. You can manipulate both property values to take full control of the range in which the gradient occurs, as well as the direction. Imagine taking the previous example and making the gradient run horizontally instead of diagonally. This can be accomplished by altering the StartPoint and EndPoint property values, as shown in listing 18.16.
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or data set, and can then be bound to the list within Excel. We can then simply provide our information workers with an Excel Workbook with business data available via the Business Data Catalog. It s recommended that you expose the data to Excel via a web service similar to the one we created in chapter 8. The following is an example of what this can look like and how it can be created. To begin creating such a solution, you need to start Visual Studio 2008 and create a new project. Under (language of choice), then under Office in the New Project dialog box, you ll see some project templates for Word, Excel, Visio, Project, InfoPath, and Outlook. One of the Excel options is an Excel 2007 Workbook, as illustrated in figure 10.3.
CHAPTER 29: Troubleshooting
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