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Cocoa Errors
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Oftentimes, DBAs have to share their knowledge with other DBAs, developers, or end users. This might be informal one-on-one tutoring, or it might include classroom training.
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What is cloud computing
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Once the management infrastructure has been tuned to your operational requirements, you should carry out a performance baseline of the management server(s) and a typical agent-managed server. This information will be used in performance-related troubleshooting and as part of the process of validating the introduction of new management packs within the managed environment.
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In this chapter, we introduced our case study and developed a simple, console-based poker game. We also saw how to expose the poker machine as a COM object, and how to download and install it inside Internet Explorer. We also laid out a model for a complete implementation of the poker machine which leverages the features of the .NET platform to gain maximum deployment. In the next chapter, we ll explore ADO.NET and build the data layer for the poker machine. We ll also put the finishing touches to the poker engine assembly.
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364 persistence (continued) retrieving 112 techniques 121 133 saving 102, 110 111 state 101 detached 103 105 persistent 102 103 transient 102 transitive 114 121 transparency issue 109 transparent 17, 55 56 tuning 132 133 updating 111 112 transparently 113 using NHibernate 10 persistence ignorance 305 309 persistence layer 8, 15, 268 269 choosing 9 designing 320 335 generic 326 335 implementing 268, 321 326 testing 269 persistence logic, testing 269 persistence manager 56, 110 114 persistence-abstracted entity 307 persistence-related code 260, 320 abstracting 305 307 persistent instance, caches in sessions 340 pessimistic lock 339 pessimistic locking 143 146 not available 325 vs. optimistic 149 phantom read 141 placeholder 245 Plain Old CLR Object (POCO) 56, 344 DTO as 345 making serializable 345 persistent class generation 293 POCO. See Plain Old CLR Object (POCO) polymorphic association 201 and table-per-concreteclass 204 205 polymorphic collection 203 polymorphic query 217 polymorphism 7, 12 association 92 mapping 200 205 query 92
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Table 10.8 Option The options available within the ClickMode enumeration Description Fires the Click event when the user moves the mouse pointer over a button Causes the Click event to execute when the user depresses a button Triggers the Click event when the user releases the left mouse button within the bounds of the button This is the default ClickMode used for a button.
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If you can throw any kind of object, you might be wondering what the exact role of the NSException class is. For starters, NSException is purpose built for conveying the details of an exception. It contains useful information, like a stack trace and exception description, and it can participate in the unhandled exception mechanism described later in this section. Originally, NSException was the only mechanism for throwing exceptions. See the Legacy Exceptions section towards the end of the chapter for the details. Because of this, many older frameworks are only prepared to catch NSExceptions. If you throw an object that might not be caught by your code, make sure it is an NSException object.
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this.statusBar1.Panels.AddRange(new System.Windows.Forms.StatusBarPanel[] { this.sbpnlFileName, this.sbpnlImageSize, this.sbpnlImagePercent});
PS (1) > dir alias:gc* CommandType ----------Alias Alias Alias Name ---gc gci gcm Definition ---------Get-Content Get-ChildItem Get-Command
You can t debug a script or command unless you have a clear expectation of what it s going to do. You must execute your script and examine its reality (what it actually does), and compare that reality to your expectations. When reality and your expectations differ, you have found the bug. While executing the script and examining it, you need to read very, very carefully, so that you can spot typos. Sometimes using a different font can help.
CHAPTER 3: Audio Streaming: An Exploration into Core Audio
Figure 3 13. iTunes Sync Conflict Resolver final screen
This listing shows an invalid use of a resource; the resource is used before it s defined. If you attempt to run this example, it ll throw an XamlParseException. The order in which entries appear is especially important once you start working with independent resource dictionaries and have to merge them in the correct order.
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Logging and error handling in SharePoint 2010
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