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In the listing, you can see a method named GetBooksBySubjectName that returns an object of type IQueryable<Book>. The result is a simple LINQ to SQL query, hence the result type. If you create a DAL with LINQ to SQL and have your methods return something like IQueryable<T>, as in our sample, you don t return data but you do return queries. This makes a big difference compared to a method that would return a collection of Book objects. In this situation, the calls to the database aren t performed inside the DAL methods, but outside at a later time. Remember that due to deferred execution, LINQ queries are executed only when they are enumerated. It may be better to return a list of entities instead of a query. In listing 13.2, the query is executed inside the DAL method, thanks to the call to ToList, and the results are returned in the form of a list of entities.
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Thread.Sleep(New TimeSpan(1, 2, 3, 4, 5))
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Figure 2.1 Photograph of Google s top-secret Dalles, OR data center, built near the Dalles Dam for access to cheap power. Note the large cooling towers on the end of each football-sized building on the left. These towers cool through evaporation rather than using more power-hungry chillers. Source: Melanie Conner, New York Times.
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Interface Builder
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This ensures that any new objects added to the project will be created with this namespace. With this change in place, we can create our base form. Here we will just create the form and its controls. Later in this section we will create some infrastructure that will be useful in our derived forms later in the chapter.
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Double-tap to select transition.
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Microsoft.SharePoint.Publishing Microsoft.SharePoint.Publishing.WebControls.MediaWebPart
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PS (2) > doskey /macros:powershell.exe
Now, we explicitly set the aggregate scope to the grpTerritory group scope of the lstTerritory list region, which groups the data by territory. In this way, we can get to the territory sales total. Figure 5.11 shows the new version of the Employee Sales by Territory with Summary Advanced report. Of course, in this particular case, we could have used the value in the txtTerritoryTotal textbox, which conveniently displays the territory total, but we wanted to show you how the scope affects the aggregate calculation. Understanding aggregate scope rules There are some rules that govern the valid use of scopes. Failure to follow them results in the following exception, which you will probably run into quite often at the beginning:
Note Enumerable means that a member is enumerated in a for in loop, while writable simply means we can assign a value to the member. So, you can see that an array is enumerable, as are the properties of an object.
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