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Drawer QR-Code in C#.net Getting familiar with LINQ to Objects

Note .NET generics differ from C++ templates with regard to constraints. In C++, templates are a
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String Values vs. Literal Strings
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High-availability options Transaction log shipping Database mirroring Automatic and manual failover Setup and administration tasks
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CHAPTER 1: Particle Systems: More Fun and Easier Than You Think
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I ll introduce you to three patterns based on test class inheritance, each one building on the previous pattern. I ll also explain when you might want to use each of them and what the pros and cons are for each of them. These are the basic three patterns:
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Listing 9.2
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Mapping entity associations
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Editing Your First Dialog Box
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In this way, not only will you be able to get a consolidated picture of how the different components interact, but you will also be able to watch the tracing statements output by custom code and extensions.
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Not to be confused with index statistics, query statistics refer to disk usage, such as the number of pages read from buffer or physical disk reads.
The birth of RSS
Rangu, whom we met in chapter 1, developed quite an interest in blogging and started a number of blogs. He started one on Blogger.com to write about software development issues. He started one on Typepad.com to write about photography and to host his photographs with Typepad s integrated photo gallery feature. He also participates in a group blog, where he and six co-authors write about local politics and community activism. To top it all off, he has his own personal blog running on a PC at his house, which he considers his primary blog. When Rangu posts to one of his secondary blogs, he often posts a note on his primary blog to let his readers know about it. But what he d really like to do is to capture all of the posts on his secondary blogs and copy them to his primary blog, keeping his primary blog in sync with the others. That way, readers of his main blog would get everything he posts to his secondary blogs, and his primary blog could serve as an archive of all his posts, regardless of where they were posted. What Rangu needs is what blogger and author Ben Hammersley calls a cross poster. Hammersley s Perl-based CrossPoster works by parsing each of his secondary blog s newsfeeds, looking for posts authored by him during the last 24 hours, and posting them to his primary blog via the XML -RPC based Movable Type API. Unfortunately, Hammersley s CrossPoster can parse only RSS newsfeeds and can post only to Movable Type blog servers. It won t work for Rangu because he uses Roller for his primary blog. Since Hammersley s cross poster won t do for Rangu, we ll write a new one. In this chapter, we ll show you how to write a cross poster in C# that can handle either RSS or Atom newsfeeds and can post to any blog server that supports the MetaWeblog API.
NSStringFromSelector(SEL) NSSelectorFromString(NSString*) class_getMethodImplementation(Class,SEL) method_getImplementation(Method)
Figure 30 35. Creating a new iTunes account the Successful Completion screen
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