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SQL instance name
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<ColorAnimation Storyboard.TargetName="myEllipse" Storyboard.TargetProperty="(Fill).(SolidColorBrush.Color)" Duration="00:00:01" From="Yellow" To="Red" />
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Figure 7-20. The navigation bar
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Extents Scanned..............................: Extent Switches..............................: Avg. Pages per Extent........................: Scan Density [Best Count:Actual Count].......: Logical Scan Fragmentation ..................: Extent Scan Fragmentation ...................: Avg. Bytes Free per Page.....................: Avg. Page Density (full).....................: 117019 600276 8.0 19.44% [116667:600277] 85.33% 0.01% 3703.1 54.25%
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namespace BlogApps_09 {
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[NSNumber numberWithBool:x] [NSNumber numberWithChar:x] [NSNumber numberWithUnsignedShort:x] [NSNumber numberWithShort:x] [NSNumber numberWithInteger:x] [NSNumber numberWithLongLong:x] [NSNumber numberWithFloat:x] [NSNumber numberWithDouble:x]
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This is a development chapter focused on implementing code, but do consider the user experience of push notifications. The user can easily turn off all notifications for your application in the Settings application, so be careful not to give them a reason to do so! Badges are the least intrusive option you can use; they re a simple visual indication that there is something new. Sounds can be a fantastic feedback mechanism for your users but can be easily overdone. Text alerts are possibly the most intrusive given that they need to be acted upon (dismissed or accepted) but can also convey the most targeted
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Prior to installation, you should create service accounts for each of these services with the following attributes: Domain accounts While you can use local server accounts, domain accounts are a better choice as they enable the SQL instance to access other SQL Server instances and domain resources, as long as you grant the necessary privileges. Nonprivileged accounts The service accounts do not, and should not, be members of the domain administrators or local administrator groups. The installation process will grant the service accounts the necessary permissions to the file system and registry as part of the installation. Additional permissions beyond those required to run SQL Server, such as access to a directory for data import/ export purposes, should be manually granted for maximum security. Additional account permissions Two recommended account permissions that SQL Server doesn t grant to the SQL Server service account are Perform Volume Maintenance Tasks, required for Instant Initialization (covered in chapter 9), and Lock Pages in Memory, required for 32-bit AWE-enabled systems and recommended for 64-bit systems (this setting is covered in more detail in chapter 7). Password expiration and complexity Like any service account, the service accounts for SQL Server shouldn t have any password expiration policies in place, and the passwords should be of adequate complexity and known only to those responsible for service account administration. Separate accounts for each service Each SQL Server service for each installed instance should be configured with a separate service account. This allows for the most granular security, a topic we ll examine further in chapter 6.
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firstPress: LINQ to ADO.NET
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Building the user interface
Data binding with WPF
then tap the city when it appears
USB to Dock Cable
About the author
This method returns a collection of objects, so we check the count and get the name property from the first object in the collection to make sure that we ve got what we expected.
IF OBJECT_ID('dbo.sp_getcolumns','P') IS NOT NULL DROP PROC dbo.sp_getcolumns GO CREATE PROC [dbo].[sp_getcolumns] @object sysname, @horizontal tinyint = 0 AS SET NOCOUNT ON DECLARE @lines TABLE ( line_id int identity(1,1) primary key, line nvarchar(4000) ) IF EXISTS (SELECT 1 FROM sys.all_columns WHERE [object_id] = OBJECT_ID(@object)) BEGIN IF @horizontal = 1 BEGIN DECLARE @line nvarchar(4000) SET @line = N'' SELECT @line = @line + [name] + N', ' FROM sys.all_columns WHERE [object_id] = OBJECT_ID(@object) ORDER BY column_id INSERT @lines (line) SELECT LEFT(@line,LEN(@line)-1) END ELSE BEGIN INSERT @lines (line) SELECT [name] + N',' FROM sys.all_columns WHERE [object_id] = OBJECT_ID(@object) ORDER BY column_id UPDATE @lines SET line = LEFT(line,LEN(line)-1) WHERE line_id = @@IDENTITY END END SELECT line AS ' ' FROM @lines ORDER BY line_id GO
Remember that one of my suggested best practices is for you to always spell out full cmdlet and parameter names in a script, and that includes scripts given to you by other people. That would be a good place to start with this one: correcting the names. In the case of the Add-Member cmdlet, this script doesn t even include parameter names they re all positional. You should consider correcting that, too, by adding in the appropriate parameter names. Use the help files to guide you. As a tip, SAPIEN PrimalScript includes a feature on its edit menu that will convert aliases to their full cmdlet names. You may be able to find a free plug-in for PowerGUI that does something similar, and perhaps also expands the parameter names. If you use a different editor (other than the PowerShell ISE), ask the vendor to supply a cmdlet and parameter name expansion feature in a future version.
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