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CHAPTER 7: Going the Routesy Way with Core Location, XML, and SQLite
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into the brokers, bind it with respective service, and then use it. They can access multiple services if the service provides multiple services. Note that Amazon s cloud services are called Amazon Web Services, and Amazon is a web service provider in the way described here.
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Figure 5 10. The updated Date control
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contains the new Wiki field, which can host Web Parts. In SharePoint 2010, these pages are sometimes simply called Page (see figure 1.7). By default, these site pages can t contain inline server-side code, such as custom logic and events. Assume that you create a new site page in a document library and want to add a submit button that runs some code when clicked. You can t do this using inline code without changing the security settings of your SharePoint web application. You can lower the security, but I don t recommend it because that exposes your web application to malicious code. Instead, you have two basic options that work equally well but have different purposes:
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Before you use MCMS Site Stager, you must install Site Stager on the source server and grant access to the remote staging computers. Site Stager works with ASP-based sites only.
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Back in the old days, when we used to walk to the card punch centers barefoot in the snow uphill both ways and carve our own computer chips out of wood, people performed incremental loads using the following steps:
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You can touch the Headphones icon to listen to game day audio from either of the two cities playing a particular game.
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Console.WriteLine("Ref : {0}", c.Ref); Console.WriteLine("DocRef : {0}", c.DocRef); } } } } }
IsReaderLockHeld Suppose you wanted to wait a certain amount of time for a lock to be acquired. The parameter to the AcquireReaderLock method specifies how long to wait for a reader lock to become available. As we saw in the previous section, it can either be an integer specifying the number of milliseconds to wait or a TimeSpan object. If the lock is not acquired in the specified time, an ApplicationException is raised. Listing 9.2 demonstrates one way of acquiring a reader lock and utilizing a timeout.
Introduction to XQuery on SQL Server
CHAPTER 17: Eliminate Your Paper Notes
Object and collection initializers
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