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Updating statistics after an index rebuild
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CHAPTER 7: Organize Your iPhone: Icons and Folders
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Scripting From the Ground Up
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Implementing Equals() and GetHashCode()
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The Data-driven Subscription Wizard starts, as shown in figure 14.12. Here, we ve chosen to distribute the report via e-mail. In addition, we ve indicated that the subscriber data store will be queried using a shared data source, which we will specify in the next step. Click Next to advance to the second step.
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Finding Facebook Friends
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Note that the arguments are concatenated with a single space between them. The original spacing on the command line has been lost, but that usually doesn t matter. Now let s write a function that takes two arguments and adds them together:
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Because the prompt is a function, it can do pretty much anything log commands, play sounds, print quotes, and so on. A.1.9 Using doskey in PowerShell The doskey tool lets us define keyboard macros in a console window. What do we mean by this Doskey macros are processed by the console subsystem the part of the Windows operating system that handles rendering the console window and reading from the keyboard. When a console program does a Readline() call, the console subsystem checks to see whether any macros are available for that program. If there are, it does the macro substitution on the string before they are returned to the user. So why 485
This lists the names of all items in a folder. The list may or may not contain the names of invisible files and folders depending on the parameters used. For example: set names_list to list folder alias "Macintosh HD:Applications:" without invisibles --> {"Address Book.app", "AppleScript", "Automator.app", "Calculator.app", ...}
Mouse input
The IsThreadPoolThread property is a read-only property. This means that it can only be inspected, never assigned. This makes sense. If it could be changed, it would be possible to take a thread that was part of a pool and change the value of IsThreadPoolThread to indicate it was not.
Cleaning Up for the Parents
When you evaluate more than two conditions, it often makes more sense to use the Select Case control structure. When you want to selectively execute a block of statements from a choice of many, use the Select Case structure, as in this example: Select Case <TestExpression> Case <ExpressionList> <statements> . . . Case Else <statements> End Select The Select Case structure begins with a single test expression. Visual Basic evaluates it once and compares it with each Case statement in the structure. When Visual Basic finds a match, it executes the associated block of statements. The <ExpressionList> may contain one or more values separated by commas. The statement may contain zero or more statements. Visual Basic executes only <statements> associated with the first match to the <TestExpression>. After those <statements> are completed, execution continues with any statements following the End Select keywords. You can include an optional Case Else statement that Visual Basic executes if it finds no Case matches. This example shows how the Select Case structure works: Select Case UCase(ColorName) Case "RED" Layer.Color = acRed Case "YELLOW" Layer.Color = acYellow Case "GREEN" Layer.Color = acGreen Case "CYAN" Layer.Color = acCyan Case "BLUE" Layer.Color = acBlue Case "MAGENTA" Layer.Color = acMagenta Case "WHITE" Layer.Color = acWhite
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