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public class LogAnalyzer Defines production code { private IExtensionManager manager; public LogAnalyzer () { Creates object in production code manager = new FileExtensionManager(); } public LogAnalyzer(IExtensionManager mgr) { manager = mgr; Defines constructor that can be called by tests } public bool IsValidLogFileName(string fileName) { return manager.IsValid(fileName); } } public interface IExtensionManager {
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public class Repository { ...
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Click the OK button to save the new nodes.
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using System.IO;
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Figure 6 5. Dungeon Generation preferences tab
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This operator returns a new sequence formed by uniting the two different sequences.
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[myPerson setValue:@"Barack" forKey:@"firstName"];
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CHAPTER 16: Viewing Videos, TV Shows, and More
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Project White is, in a way, a successor to NUnitForms, in that it supports a richer set of application types (WPF, WinForm, Win32, and Java JWT), and sports a newer API with better usability. Unlike NUnitForms, White is more of an integration-test framework, because it allows spawning separate processes that it tests against. White uses the UIAutomation API (part of Windows) to do its bidding, which gives it much more power. You can think of it as Selenium or WatiN for WinForms. You can get White at
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Figure 8 Defining the back up database task
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