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See example for override keyword.
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Task 5-9. Enabling Guest Access
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<sdk:DataGrid AutoGenerateColumns="True" ItemsSource="{Binding Employees}" SelectedItem="{Binding SelectedEmployee, Mode=TwoWay}" Margin="12,55,119,12" x:Name="EmployeesGrid" />
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If there are any more conflicts, click the Next button until you finish resolving all conflicts.
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Also, since we re introducing a new class, add @class SphereNetSphere; above the @interface line.
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and we re done (so it wasn t really that hard after all). The hi member has been added to this object, so let s try it out:
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WCF RIA Services
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Remoting works over a single, predefined port; WMI doesn t. Remoting is therefore easier to use with computers that are firewalled, because it s easier to make the necessary firewall exceptions. Microsoft s Windows Firewall provides a specific exception for WMI that includes the stateful inspection necessary to make WMI s random port selection (called endpoint mapping) work properly, but it can be difficult to manage with some third-party firewall products. With remoting, it s an easy, single port. Pulling all of the processes can be labor-intensive, so this way each computer is doing its own share of the work and just sending me the results.
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Clustered index seek
Installing and upgrading SQL Server 2008
Using the timer control from the toolbox is the easiest way to add a timer to the form. This is basically the same as adding a timer in Visual Basic 6. Dragging and dropping the timer icon onto a form will create the first two lines of the code that follows:
ADD DRAWITEM HANDLER (continued) Action 3 Calculate what percentage of the image appears in the window.
Implicit Conversions Are Safe Conversions
Deleting Notes
18.3.2 LinearGradientBrush
Advanced Rule Configuration
classes and how hard it is to get those designs right. In most environments, if the designer makes a mistake then the user is stuck with the result. This is not true in PowerShell. Metaprogramming lets us delve into the heart of the system and make things work the way we need them to. Here s an analogy that should give you the full picture. Imagine buying a computer that was welded shut. There is still a lot you can do with it run all the existing programs and even install new programs. But there are some things you can t do. If it doesn t have any USB ports then you can t add them. If it doesn t have any way to capture video, you can t add that either without opening the case. And even though most people buy a computer with the basic features they need and never add new hardware, a case that s welded shut allows for no hardware tinkering. Traditional programming languages are much like the welded computer. They have a basic set of features, and while you can extend what they do by adding libraries, you can t really extend the core capabilities of the language. For example, you can t add a new type of looping statement. On the other hand, in a language that supports metaprogramming, you can undertake such activities as adding new control structures. This is how the Where-Object and Foreach-Object cmdlets are implemented. They use the metaprogramming features in PowerShell to add new language elements. You can even create your own versions of these commands. Metaprogramming is one of the features that make dynamic languages such as PowerShell extremely powerful. That power translates into dramatic improvements in conceptual and code simplicity. Investing the time to learn how to use PowerShell s metaprogramming capabilities can significantly increase your productivity with PowerShell. Now let s get started with cracking open the case on PowerShell. We ll begin with a discussion of a feature in the PowerShell language called scriptblocks. This discussion takes up the first part of this chapter and lays the groundwork for the rest of what we ll discuss. With the basic material out of the way, we ll look at how and where this scriptblock feature is used in PowerShell. We ll look at the role scriptblocks play in the creation of custom objects and types, and how they can be used to extend the PowerShell language. We ll go through an example that uses less than a hundred lines of PowerShell script to add a new keyword that allows you to define your own classes in PowerShell. We ll also cover several cmdlets that make use of these objects, and we ll wrap up with a look at some programming patterns that take advantage of scriptblocks. (Programming patterns are common approaches to solving a particular class of problems in other words, common sense with a fancy name.) But first we need to understand scriptblocks themselves.
The code in InitializeComponent sets this new value.
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